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The settlement -- $13,200 of which goes to the whistle-blower -- also "ensures future compliance with reimbursement rules regarding emergency services for uninsured patients.
Since the program's launch in August 2011, the SEC has only awarded four whistle-blowers with money for assisting with investigations, with (http://www.
The Sunday Times] are happy, they agreed that they will bring this whistle-blower here to Zurich and then we will have a discussion, an investigation of this," Blatter said.
Dubai: The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is taking the lead in drawing up legislation to protect whistle-blowers, a senior official told Gulf News.
Although the supervisors did not return calls for comment, Fujioka said the county takes all allegations of fraud and wrongdoing very seriously and investigates whistle-blower complaints.
It also called for corporate procedures to collect and investigate whistle-blower fraud claims.
Establish written policies for all employees of the organization, including management, agents, and contractors, providing detailed information about the federal False Claims Act (FCA), including federal administrative remedies, any state laws pertaining to criminal or civil penalties for false claims and statements, and whistle-blower protections under such laws.
The court held, inter alia, that the hospital demonstrated that the plaintiff's termination was predicated upon grounds other than her exercise of any rights protected under New York state's Whistle-blower Statute.
In another case, the court decided not to hear arguments in a case that could increase colleges' exposure to whistle-blower suits.
Tice, a self-described whistle-blower who admits leaking details of what he considers illegal federal eavesdropping to the New York Times, disputes President Bush's claim that the NSA has conducted a small and limited number of warrantless wiretaps on American citizens.
There is, for example, debate in the literature over whether the motivations of the whistle-blower should matter in determining whether an action to disclose is justified and deserves protection.
After taking no action in the case for over a year, the OSC unceremoniously closed Levine's whistle-blower retaliation case as well as his antigay discrimination case on January 27.
whistle-blower, Ammar Halloum, found himself accused by the giant computer-chip maker as having been on "thin ice for poor job performance" when he proffered allegations of fraud.
Second, be supportive of active, involved audit committees, increased focus on internal controls, a strong code of ethics and support for whistle-blower hot lines.
Congress responded by enacting robust whistle-blower provisions in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.