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For more information on Kuhn Rikon's line of whisks, visit US.
Make delicious gravy or pan sauces with the Silicone Tornado Whisk .
The Galaxy Spring Whisk is astonishingly efficient at whipping volume into eggs, egg whites and cream.
The Kuhn Rikon Bubble Whisk is a go-to whisk for mixing and whipping quickly.
I DON'T like using a metal whisk on a non-stick pan - are there nonscratch ones I could use instead?
The line also includes whisks in different shapes, such as flat and balloon shapes, as well as a dual-ended silicone pastry brush and spatula; a batter spatula; and a spoon and spatula combination.
The Kuhn Rikon Double Balloon Whisk is available in two sizes and ranges in price from $14 to $16.
Chantal's Whisk Away easel cards support the promotion at point of sale, directing retailers to the company's 40-SKU kitchen tool assortment.