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whiskey dick

1. n. a penis exhibiting impotence, as from too much alcohol. Well, it looks like a case of whiskey dick.
2.  a limp windsock at an airport. There’s a whiskey dick over there on the right, so it looks like we can go in.
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whiskey tenor

n. a strained tenor. Four whiskey tenors do not a barbershop quartet make.
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99): Single-malt whiskey aged in Oloroso sherry casks is blended with a touch of sweet grain whiskey bringing out this spirit's rich taste.
President George Washington had noticed how their backyard pot stills had started springing up like mushrooms and asked the Continental Congress to enact taxation on whiskey production.
People who drank vodka are turning to whiskey because it has more taste.
Suntory's planned entry into the Chinese whiskey market comes at a time when whiskey shipments in Japan have slackened since reaching a peak in the first half of the 1980s.
The number of bottles will be limited as the liquor is made from very rare unprocessed malt whiskey, they said, adding that a lottery will be held if demand exceeds supply.
Sadly this is easily forgotten and, whilst Scotch whisky (particularly malt) is treated with greater reverence, poor old Irish whiskey is more likely to be thought of in the form of Irish Coffee or a cream liqueur than in its pure state.
In Jack Daniel Distillery, 379 F2d 569 (1967), the Court of Claims determined that the FMV of the unbottled whiskey inventory of a whiskey distillery business on the date of its distribution in a Sec.
Or if you enjoy a WHISKEY SOUR, be sure the whiskey is bourbon: In a shaker, add three ounces of bourbon, the juice of one-half lemon and a half teaspoon of sugar.
There's no question that American whiskey is the big trend right now.
Irish whiskey is still high-proof strong after so many years f double-digit growth.
We carry every label we can because Irish whiskey is growing in Texas like it is in the rest of the country," notes Jim Detmore, Liquor Buyer at Spec's Wine, Spirits, Finer Foods, a Houston-based retailer with over 150 locations.
com)-- Creating homemade whiskey by way of distilling at the comfort of one's home makes for an interesting hobby.
Rock Town Distillery of Little Rock last week announced the debut of its first whiskey, Arkansas Young Bourbon Whiskey.