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whiskey dick

1. n. a penis exhibiting impotence, as from too much alcohol. Well, it looks like a case of whiskey dick.
2.  a limp windsock at an airport. There’s a whiskey dick over there on the right, so it looks like we can go in.
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whiskey tenor

n. a strained tenor. Four whiskey tenors do not a barbershop quartet make.
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Men drink whiskey because they like the taste," said Kristopher K.
In a classic Whiskey Sour, for instance, a Canadian blend will balance well with the lemon and simple syrup, while still making its presence known.
Whiskey is contributing almost all of the value growth of the total spirits category, and Irish is also showing the biggest growth rate within the whiskey category," points out Sona Bajada, Irish Whiskey Brand Director at Pernod Ricard.
Starting with the raw material, whiskey makers tweak dozens of variables to adjust a spirit's character.
com is the leading online source of top class whiskey yeast for home distillation.
Irish distillers Pernod Ricard, makers of the brand, was named whiskey Distiller of the Year and Whiskey Brand Innovator of the Year at the London ceremony.
New in the US, Scottish Spirits Scotch Whiskey in a can has been designated the "innovation of the week" by Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics Group.
The whiskey was pot distilled from a mash of Arkansas corn and Arkansas wheat, the distillery said in a news release.
Owned by spirit giant Perno and Ricard, Chivas Regal was given a fine introduction in Egypt last week by Ken Lindsey, a brand ambassador who for the past 20 years, has traveled to over 55 countries to introduce and explain what makes Scotch whiskey such coveted liquor.
Bourbon whiskey (also with an "e") originated in Kentucky, but today you can find bourbons from Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri and even California.
There are several differences between Irish whiskey and scotch whisky besides the "e.
Bold and fiery in its most generic form, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is jokingly referred to as an uncouth and coarse swig for banjo-infatuated rabble-rousers.
She said: 'Imported whiskies have captured younger whiskey consumers.
Japan's largest whiskey maker will start selling whiskey first in Shanghai and nearby regions, the officials said, but did not mention any specific dates.
said Tuesday they will sell 500 bottles of whiskey for 70,000 yen each Sept.