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give it a whirl

To try something (often for the first time as a means of forming an opinion about it). A: "Do you want to try driving my car, to see how you like it?" B: "Yeah, sure, I'll give it a whirl." I don't usually like hot tea, but it's so cold out that I gave it a whirl today.
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give something a try

 and give something a go; give something a whirl; give something a shot
to make a try at something. Why don't you give it a go and see if you like it?
See also: give, try

whirl around

to turn around very quickly. I tapped him on the shoulder and he whirled around to see who it was. Todd whirled around and grabbed Max by the wrists.
See also: around, whirl

whirl someone or something around

to turn someone or something around quickly. I grabbed him by the shoulder and whirled him around to face me. I whirled around the book display and found what I wanted.
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give something a whirl

to try something Tan had given up technical writing to give fiction a whirl.
Usage notes: often used in the form give it a whirl: We've always wanted to take a cruise in the Caribbean, so we decided to give it a whirl.
Related vocabulary: take a shot at something
See also: give, whirl

give it a shot/whirl

to attempt to do something I've never danced salsa before but I'll give it a shot.
See also: give, shot

give something a whirl

Make a brief or experimental try, as in I've never made a pie but I'll give it a whirl. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
See also: give, whirl

whirling dervish

Boundless energy. Dervishes are members of a mendicant religious order of Sufi Moslems. Part of their worship is a trance-inducing ritual in which the men, who wear billowing white skirts whirl in circles meant to replicate planets revolving around the sun. “Whirling dervish” became a metaphor for nonstop energy, used in such ways as “He dashed through the hardware store, then ran home and cleaned out the garage and then built shelves along one wall, all before lunch—he was a regular whirling dervish.”
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Whirls of wind can be particularly useful: these little vortices "can give flying snakes an extra lift," Barba noted.
Surprising her teacher, Lupita decides to join the dancers without a partner and whirls and dances spontaneously along with the rest of the group.
5) The semazen (whirling dervish) whirls while listening to musical tones Whirling Dervishes whirl around in circles.
Secil Nebioglu stated that she created her works on Rumi by meditating that the entire universe whirls live dervishes, mystical meaning of coming from Him and turning back to Him, the philosophy of receiving from Allah and giving to people and rationale behind infinite tolerance.
But by far the largest number of Whirls amassed in one place belongs to a private archive.
It was quite unlikely that many of those present, or watching on television, had ever heard of either Ben Thomas or his Evening Whirl, an eight-page weekly newspaper, a one-man operation, that had covered crime, scandal, and gossip in the black neighborhoods of St.
Fill the piping bag then pipe quite deep whirls into a circle measuring 20-22.
From their observations, they determined that the pulsar, dubbed XTE J1751-305, spins 435 times per second, while the companion star whirls around it once every 42 minutes.
Correlatively, the Mevlevis teach that as a dervish whirls with arms outstretched, his or her soul remembers its descent into the material world, reawakens to its divinity, and reunites with the Divine Essence from which it emerged at the moment of creation.
Ultimately, as the story whirls towards its maddening, surreal climax, Fire in Beulah touches on the substance of morality and the composition of the human spirit, underscoring the fact that our lives transcend perceived boundaries.
Subtext or not, you can never see too much of the great Bette Davis as she whirls on the camera and spits, "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night
Like a tiny cartoon superhero taking on a huge bully, a photon grabs a passing atom and whirls it in erratic loops.
Kubo whirls, spins, and leaps along among jiving, jitterbugging pairs of dancers, never finding a partner or friend among these tall foreigners, but apparently accepting their insularity in the right sort of spirit.
Wisely, she breaks this too-perfect conclusion; abandoning the tree, she whirls intensely in a white spotlight on the darkened stage to a blazing percussion solo by Toshi Makihara.
Tilt-A-Whirl fanatics also know that they can affect the motion of a car by throwing their weight from side to side at crucial moments, turning cycles with little or no rotation into good whirls.