whip (someone or something) into shape

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whip (someone or something) into shape

To return someone or something into acceptable condition or behavior, especially through direct, efficient, and practical means. The president won the election on his promise to whip the economy into shape by overhauling outdated or inefficient legislation. What he really needs is a mentor who will whip him into shape.
See also: shape, whip

whip someone or something into shape

to cause someone or something to be in a better condition. The coach was not able to whip the players into shape before the game. I think I can whip this proposal into shape quickly. Hey, Tom, whip yourself into shape. You look a mess.
See also: shape, whip

whip something into shape

See also: shape, something, whip

whip into shape

To bring to a specified state or condition, vigorously and often forcefully.
See also: shape, whip
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The idea was to take our lazy, pampered bodies and whip them into shape for the upcoming football season via morning and afternoon practice sessions.
They'll need a manager to whip them into shape, of course - if Bassett's not available, Portsmouth's Paul Cook, perhaps, or Northampton's Rob Page.
Reynolds knows a similar display next week against Ventspils could spell the end of their Euro hopes but he's sure boss McInnes will whip them into shape.
There to whip them into shape is coach Thomas Rongen who, against all odds, turns the team into a tight, disciplined unit.
Eventually culling more than a dozen ethnically diverse hotshots for his squad (played by a cadre of b-boys alongside wildly popular/reviled R&B star Brown), Blake hunkers the group down in an abandoned juvenile hall, with three months to whip them into shape.
We can all get a bit lazy after the Christmas binge, but I'll be ready to motivate our recruits and whip them into shape as we take them to amazing Dubai to get fit for 2012," he said.
I'm pleased to hear they are off to Poland and a no-frills training camp where Gatland intends to whip them into shape.
Dance teacher Mavis has to whip them into shape but along the way her pupils' personal stories are laid bare and the audience discovers why their class means so much to them.
Laszlo has hit out at the under-achieving squad - saying some of them are lazy - as he tries to whip them into shape with TRIPLE training sessions at their Germany training camp.
Jennings was among a half-dozen future brides taking part in a maiden course professing to whip them into shape for the big day, in her case June 5.
The Average Joes don't stand a chance of winning until one-time champion Patches O'Houlihan (Rip Torn), now wheel-chair bound, agrees to whip them into shape.
The raw materials are there as Hibs have a talented squad but it needs a strong leader like Butcher to whip them into shape - and soon.
Emma Thompson (above) is the new nanny to Colin Firth's wild brood of children -and her magic powers soon whip them into shape in a way that kids will love.