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Valadares, 27, is not just an employee whiling away the hours playing games on company time but the latest young entrepreneur coming out of Recife's Porto Digital, a center for the development of information technology.
Thousands of youngsters have been whiling away some of their holidays with a trip to their library to pick up a press card and fun folder pack.
Piping designer Ernie Oglesby has found a novel way of whiling away the hours while based in Kazakhstan.
I'm not sure that I like her description of older listeners whom she describes as whiling away their declining years
A BORED convict in an American prison has been whiling away the hours by plaguing a Scots town with phone calls.
Owner Simon said: "I've spent many a happy hour in the Caribbean whiling away the hours on a beautiful beach by the local bar.
Whiling away a four-hour connection in Frankfurt airport on the way home from Bulgaria, I spotted a team of blazered athletes clearly also in transit.
The alfresco terrace areas are calm, relaxing and boast superb views, making them the perfect settings for whiling away the hazy summer days with a delicious meal or cooling cocktail.
1 Which surreal Robert Lindsay Channel 4 comedy was about a trio of security guards whiling away the long night hours in a fantasy world?
One in five of the fellas quizzed admitted whiling away the time by eyeing up other women.
Consider how they're whiling away their majority in what senators love to insist is the "world's greatest deliberative body"--a sobriquet every bit as self-styled, grandiose, and unconvincing as Michael Jackson calling himself "the King of Pop" and Miller High Life dubbing itself "the Champagne of Beers.
Bibliophiles will be in danger of whiling away the entire afternoon at either Bluestocking Books (3817 Fifth Ave.