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Barefoot Kimberly, daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, 62, showed off her perfect pins in a frilly white cotton mini-dress and whiled away the afternoon sipping coffee with Calum, 26, who is supposed to be dating wild-child Lindsay Lohan.
American mastodons were not just docile herbivores that whiled away their time in forests and meadows," says Daniel C.
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio lifts the film with her savvy, unsentimental but undeniably moving performance as Jean, Brooke's mother, who devoted her life to Brooke, serving as her caretaker in school (where she'd raise her own hand when Brooke knew the answer to a question, which was often, and whiled away down time clipping coupons) and later (when Brooke is played by Lacey Chabert) at Harvard.
Lets hope as he whiled away the hours in front of his Japanese-made TV in Madrid last week Beck-san, Japans new national hero, caught some of the footage of dolphins being hacked to death.
Dressed in a figure-hugging lumberjack shirt and tiny denim hot pants, she whiled away the time before seeing Andy beat American Robby Kendrick in four sets yesterday by soaking up the sun with pals.
The lovely garden that I whiled away many a happy hour with a meal from the cafe has gone and the whole place has taken on a rather drab, unappealing look, utterly out of keeping with the glorious facade.
The 26-year-old actress was taking a break before filming her latest flick You, Me And Dupree I and she whiled away her time by topping up her tan and, erm, smoking fags in the sea.
The pair could hardly keep their hands off each other as they whiled away the time kissing and cuddling, sunning themselves and reading books.
LOTUS FESTIVAL: Here's a chance to enjoy the music, arts, crafts and dragon boat races - as well as the food and flowers of Asia and the Pacific Islands at one of Los Angeles' most enchanted parks, where visitors once whiled away the day with picnics and boat rides, hoping to hear the echo that inspired the lake's name.
The Dutch physicist whiled away the hours of his confinement by closely observing and pondering the remarkable behavior of two pendulum clocks he had recently constructed.