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whet (one's) appetite

To induce or increase one's interest in something. The first chapter of that novel really whetted my appetite—I'm eager to read more of it tonight.
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whet someone's appetite

Fig. to cause someone to be interested in something and to be eager to have, know, learn, etc., more about it. Seeing that film really whetted my sister's appetite for horror films. She now sees as many as possible. My appetite for theater was whetted when I was very young.
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whet one's appetite

Arouse one's interest or eagerness, as in That first Schubert piece whetted my appetite; I hope she sings some others. This idiom, first recorded in 1612, transfers making one hungry for food to other kinds of eagerness.
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whet someone's appetite

COMMON If something whets your appetite for a particular thing, it makes you want it. Winning the World Championship should have whetted his appetite for more success. Her appetite already whetted by the book, she took a trip to England. Note: You can also say that something whets the appetite. The series is entertaining, and it certainly whets the appetite. Note: To whet a knife means to sharpen it.
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whet someone's appetite

stimulate someone's interest by partial revelation.
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ˌwhet somebody’s ˈappetite

make somebody feel hungry; make somebody interested in something: Don’t eat too much of this dish. It’s only to whet your appetite for the main course.One of my teachers lent me a book about climbing, and it really whetted my appetite.
If you whet a knife, sword, etc., you make it sharper.
See also: appetite, whet
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Who doesn't welcome those tantalizing, appealing tidbits, or small bites that whet the appetite?
Red wine--what better way to whet the appetite, satisfy the palate, and warm the heart?
The detailed descriptions of the hikes, which include day and overnight backpack trips, whet your hiking appetite with clear directions and data on local history, flora and fauna.
The new push for "Seamless" is geared to whet the music world's appetite for her eagerly anticipated next collection, which is due in 2006 from her label Free Range Records.
Though historically incomplete and dramatically awkward (John Osborne's play remains the most intriguing staging of this most influential man's life and ideas), ``Luther'' does whet the appetite for a more expansive cinematic inquiry into what it was all about and what it all meant.
Travelers at Baltimore/Washington International Airport will have a variety of new dining choices to whet their appetite before taking off this summer.
However, if the 400-pound-plus former NFL folk hero is bent on making an idiot of himself this summer, we've got plenty of other legit competitions coming up in the next few months that might better whet his appetite:
Use several stocks from his portfolio to whet your appetite during this difficult time in the market.
From psychotic weasels to World War II re-creations, this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo - aka E3 - featured an assortment of future products to whet the appetite of any tech-savvy gamer.
Omranian and Saghezi figure this combination of technological interests will whet investors' appetites.
The new solution from Pinnacle, powered by our REALmagic technology is sure to whet the appetite for entertainment options consumers will experience with the press of a button.
Each plate of the three "Complete Breakfasts" is filled with a delicious breakfast that will whet the hungriest of appetites.
The refreshed version of ``The Civil War'' should whet viewers' appetites for ``Ken Burns' American Stories,'' a new series debuting Sept.
Whet your appetite tomorrow with a regular episode.