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and wheelie
n. an act of rearing up on a bike or motorcycle, balancing on the rear wheel. The kid did a wheelie and scared his mother to death.


See wheely

pop a wheelie

To execute such a stunt.
See also: pop, wheelie
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Southern Area Command Communities Chief Inspector Sarah Pitt said: "One of the main issues we have around this time of year is wheelie bins being set on fire or stolen after being left out in the street.
The CTO directed the DSPs, sector incharges and other traffic officials to take action against wheelie and submit daily performance report to the CTO office.
Between June 1 and June 14, there were 71 fires involving rubbish and 23 wheelie bin fires attended by fire crews.
Many empty wheelie bins are left on pavements for several days after collection day.
Can I remind him he deserted Birmingham so he should keep his comments to his adopted abode and keep his nose out of our wheelies bins.
I'VE BIN THROUGH HELL But now Wheelies is settling into his new home
Birmingham City Council did not advise at the time of taking my money that I couldn't have a wheelie bin and what they fail to advise residents within Birmingham is once the bags run out, which in my case will be soon, you have to pay another PS35 for more bags.
The old green bin is to be used for garden waste, replacing green hessian sacks, meaning residents will now have three wheelie bins instead of five different types of waste container.
Store wheelie bins securely and preferably behind locked gates.
There will be no collection of green wheelie bins during the week.
A LIFEBOAT crew rescued an 81-year-old man in a dinghy with a WHEELIE BIN.
AN 81-YEAR-OLD man had to be rescued by lifeboat after he went out to sea on a dinghy to recover a wheelie bin.
FOUR thousand spectators wasted no time in making Scotland's first Wheelie Bin Grand Prix a stunning success.
The overseas wheelie bin cleaning enterprise will kick off in Florida and California, with a long-term plan to expand to further US states.
The Shop Rat Foundation, a Jackson Michigan nonprofit educational foundation will be unveiling its National Shop Rat Electric Wheelie Car Student Competition at the Westec 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center March 30 - April 2nd.