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and wheelie
n. an act of rearing up on a bike or motorcycle, balancing on the rear wheel. The kid did a wheelie and scared his mother to death.


See wheely

pop a wheelie

To execute such a stunt.
See also: pop, wheelie
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Please ensure that your wheelie bin lids are fully closed, as raised lids may result in bins not being emptied due to the risk of causing damage to the bins and vehicles.
Supporters of the scheme say it replaces ugly wheelie bins and stops rubbish trucks clogging up the roads when they are not needed.
Falkirk Council introduced charges for wheelie bins at new-build properties in 2016.
Prosecution counsel Natalie Pinkerton said Reid, of Divismore Crescent, West Belfast, was stopped as he pushed the wheelie bin along Fountain Lane on March 30.
Meanwhile, Seetal Marri police have also arrested 48 motorcyclists for doing wheelie and other violations of traffic rules.
Southern Area Command Communities Chief Inspector Sarah Pitt said: "One of the main issues we have around this time of year is wheelie bins being set on fire or stolen after being left out in the street.
Between June 1 and June 14, there were 71 fires involving rubbish and 23 wheelie bin fires attended by fire crews.
Can I remind him he deserted Birmingham so he should keep his comments to his adopted abode and keep his nose out of our wheelies bins.
I'VE BIN THROUGH HELL But now Wheelies is settling into his new home
Our wheelie bin stands in silence Without any tantrum or fuss.
RESIDENTS in a North East town are being urged to secure their wheelie bins after two were set on fire.
I DISAGREE with your Acklam correspondent who complains about having three wheelie bins on the grounds that they are unsightly and take up too much space 'Blighted by wheelie bins' (21.
Collections will continue on the normal day for blue wheelie bins, orange food waste sacks and blue and clear recycling sacks There will be no collection of pink refuse sacks during the week starting today.
AN 81-YEAR-OLD man had to be rescued by lifeboat after he went out to sea on a dinghy to recover a wheelie bin.
A LIFEBOAT crew rescued an 81-year-old man in a dinghy with a WHEELIE BIN.