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wheedle someone into something

to get someone to agree to do something by begging or flattery. She is always trying to wheedle us into coming for a visit. You can't wheedle me into doing that!
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wheedle something away from someone

 and wheedle something out of someone
to get something away from someone by begging or flattery. The crooks wheedled the old lady's money away from her. Tim wheedled a few dollars out of his uncle.
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wheedle out of

1. To obtain something from some person through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled my life savings out of me.
2. To defraud someone of something through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled me out of my life savings.
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His King John, crowned as the play begins, is squat and pasty, a wheedling character sly of smile and piggy of eye.
After wheedling her way into Kelly and Lloyd's love nest, it looks like she's now keen to get her hooks into the cabbie.
Wheedling to go to a movie when there was a soccer match on was a no-hoper.
Her partner in Bluebeard's Castle, Jason Howard, has a very secure low bass range for a baritone, and his portrayal of the hopelessly romantic Duke Bluebeard up against Judith's relentless wheedling and prying was at once touching and frustrating.
Manufacturers are correctly slashing their work forces, consolidating operations into fewer and more efficient plants, raising revenue by tacking on service fees for maintenance, closing excess distribution centers, and wheedling deals out of suppliers.
My daughter leans into me, wheedling, "Can we buy the car, please?
The continuous batter of cringing, whining and over-familiar wheedling is very disagreeable, but it must be much more so for the people who have to grasp their living from the tourists.
On the face of it, the tractor scheme and use of one recognisable logo is a great way of supporting farmers who are doing a fabulous job -- and wheedling out those who are still cutting corners and giving British produce a bad name.
These days, the word is also used to mean wheedling, scrounging or cadging.
Ophelia's fatal meeting with Hamlet didn't leave much for the beautiful Marie-Pierre Flechais to die for, and Martin James was not given many chances to show the range of the fall of the wheedling King Claudius.
In each one of us, there lurks such a liberal, wheedling us with the voice of common sense" Liberalism was too optimistic and progressive to make sense of the mass production of corpses then--as it is now.
designs for hegemony over Vietnam, the capitalist fox - if I may turn Hubert Humphrey's anticommunist barnyard homily on its head - has found economics to be a more effective means for wheedling its way back into the Little Red Hen House.
There was certainly devilishly fine playing in three Vivaldi concerti, especially in the Concerto in G minor RV331 - Carmignola leaning expressively on notes to give his violin a pleading, wheedling voice in the opening movement, while the largo was a sultry as anything in the Four Seasons' summer.
Most sickeningly the devious sex monster is already wheedling his way where he can get his hands on fresh victims.
Sunnegardh was petulant, spoiled and wheedling, singing with total confidence, her big soprano projecting to every corner of the auditorium, and the necrophiliac final scene when she kissed the head of the dead John The Baptist was disturbing.