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wheedle someone into something

to get someone to agree to do something by begging or flattery. She is always trying to wheedle us into coming for a visit. You can't wheedle me into doing that!
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wheedle something away from someone

 and wheedle something out of someone
to get something away from someone by begging or flattery. The crooks wheedled the old lady's money away from her. Tim wheedled a few dollars out of his uncle.
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wheedle out of

1. To obtain something from some person through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled my life savings out of me.
2. To defraud someone of something through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled me out of my life savings.
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There was certainly devilishly fine playing in three Vivaldi concerti, especially in the Concerto in G minor RV331 - Carmignola leaning expressively on notes to give his violin a pleading, wheedling voice in the opening movement, while the largo was a sultry as anything in the Four Seasons' summer.
Most sickeningly the devious sex monster is already wheedling his way where he can get his hands on fresh victims.
His King John, crowned as the play begins, is squat and pasty, a wheedling character sly of smile and piggy of eye.
Meanwhile, ABC's over-generously titled ``Celebrity Mole Yucatan'' returns tonight for more undercooked high jinks, such as batting at pinatas and wheedling participants into skinny-dipping.
and a bad seven days forBUCK PALACE It seems everyone wants a go at wheedling their way into the big house.
He's trying to prevent a huge bomb from wiping out most of LA by wheedling its location from Troy's speccy-techno-brother Pollux (Alessandro Nivola).
My own feeling is that the railways should be considered as a national service, and not something that any particular group of people should be wheedling money out of.
Take this conversation, from another mid-1960s text, between a wheedling bureaucrat and his superior: "Is Comrade Alexeev in?
If the licensing committee is serious about prohibiting immoral activity, it will have to appoint its own inspection team for the purposes of wheedling out naughty goings-on.
Walt has acting aspirations and, after some wheedling, convinces his brother to take a break from the burger joint, head for Hollywood and shoot for stardom.
NOW that our country is in conflict with the terrorists in Afghanistan, the last thing we need is TV and radio interviewers trying to score Brownie points by wheedling secret information from authorities involved.
Peter Hoare's Herod veered from despotic ranting to wheedling would-be lover to Salome with equal conviction.
The rest of Eli's day is spent cajoling, wheedling and begging celebrities to show up at his soiree while staying one step ahead of inquiring police detectives.
I was appointed managing director of a moderately successful financial PR firm, on the sound old principle of Buggins' turn, and managed to make that success even more moderate by applying a management style that combined wheedling flattery, towering rages, sexual harassment and a total absence of inspiring leadership.
Culkin has the seductive wheedling of the bad influence down to a science.