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wheedle someone into something

to get someone to agree to do something by begging or flattery. She is always trying to wheedle us into coming for a visit. You can't wheedle me into doing that!
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wheedle something away from someone

 and wheedle something out of someone
to get something away from someone by begging or flattery. The crooks wheedled the old lady's money away from her. Tim wheedled a few dollars out of his uncle.
See also: away, wheedle

wheedle out of

1. To obtain something from some person through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled my life savings out of me.
2. To defraud someone of something through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled me out of my life savings.
See also: of, out, wheedle
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Working with another, more traditionally oily grifter named Frank (``Confessions of a Dangerous Mind's'' Sam Rockwell, good but getting typecast), Roy impersonates feds, wheedles account numbers out of marks, stuff like that.
Renee then wheedles Turlough's new address out of Una and races over to see him.
She eventually wheedles him into selling it to her, and gives him a cake as a parting gift.
But the beats are offkilter and original, and the tune wheedles its way into the brain.
Throughout their adventures, Kikujiro wheedles, browbeats, deceives and otherwise annoys people into helping them out.
Martin plays a cop with passions for gambling and beating confessions out of scumbags, but his bravura performance in the scene in which he wheedles a confession out of the killer promises further entertaining fireworks for the rest of this venerable show's decade season.
Things start off on a hilariously overwrought note (a more deadpan approach takes hold later), at a fancy New Jersey restaurant, where Jon Lovitz's self-pitying loser cries, wheedles and upbraids his date, a mousy woman named Joy Jordan (Jane Adams), for not feeling what he wants her to.
Seven days a week, she plans menus, supervises food purchases, wheedles donations, and oversees food preparation and delivery.