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wheedle someone into something

to get someone to agree to do something by begging or flattery. She is always trying to wheedle us into coming for a visit. You can't wheedle me into doing that!
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wheedle something away from someone

 and wheedle something out of someone
to get something away from someone by begging or flattery. The crooks wheedled the old lady's money away from her. Tim wheedled a few dollars out of his uncle.
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wheedle out of

1. To obtain something from some person through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled my life savings out of me.
2. To defraud someone of something through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled me out of my life savings.
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Jock threw him out of Celtic but after the big man left, Torbett wheedled his way back in'
He wheedled his way into his life, gained his trust and took advantage of him.
It got very dull once the judges had wheedled out all the time-wasters.
Nancy hit the headlines in the Chronicle when she told how motor-mad Andrew Gough wheedled his way into his long lost grandmother's life and borrowed the money for a down payment on the flash sports car.
Keep Mark's name out of this, wheedled Gibson -- former Sports Editor of the Daily Mail, and the most naive of operators if this any guide -- and we'll give you chapter and verse on what Sven got up to.
The three-month-old pooch has already wheedled his way into their hearts.
The media is rightly outraged that a top QC, and wife of our Prime Minister, could so easily be conned by a smooth-talking crook who wheedled his way into her most private affairs.
Through rampant influence- peddling, they obtained monopoly control of all rail transportation in the state and wheedled millions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies.
Brave and clever, he slipped past the nodding guards or wheedled them into allowing him access.
Her account of being wheedled for a week by Kaprow to take her clothes off for a performance reminds us that living theater at Rutgers circa 1960 wasn't exactly all fun and games.
The second item came from Joe Flynn, a semiprofessional hoax artist who previously had wheedled pound 25,000 from Rupert Murdoch by selling him a pair of shoes allegedly belonging to Jimmy Hoffa.
He had wheedled his way into her home in Kempson Road, Bromford, Birmingham, and looked after Kamran when she went to work at a betting shop.
The others were sensational, too, as they wheedled and weaved through the classics from album greats that stand the test of time such as Safe As Milk and Trout Mask Replica.
Of his address to the UN General Assembly he added: ``I will first remind the United Nations that for 11 long years Saddam Hussein has side-stepped, crawfished, wheedled out of any agreement he made not to develop weapons of mass destruction.