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wheedle someone into something

to get someone to agree to do something by begging or flattery. She is always trying to wheedle us into coming for a visit. You can't wheedle me into doing that!
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wheedle something away from someone

 and wheedle something out of someone
to get something away from someone by begging or flattery. The crooks wheedled the old lady's money away from her. Tim wheedled a few dollars out of his uncle.
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wheedle out of

1. To obtain something from some person through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled my life savings out of me.
2. To defraud someone of something through the use of flattery or guile: The swindler wheedled me out of my life savings.
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Unbeknownst to readers, an astonishing number of travel articles are based on press junkets and complimentary travel and lodgings; although a few magazines and newspapers refuse all free travel, some of their reporters have been known to wheedle free upgrades and price reductions that might not be offered to their readers.
El Sub wasn't a real revolutionary--or he wouldn't be trying to wheedle the government like a dog begging a bone.
Producers will need to work hard to wheedle out the fame-hungry from the career focused.
The photograph was taken when we visited Spokane, Washington State, a permission which I had to wheedle out of my commanding officer as we were not normally allowed to travel out of Canada.
IF some dealer targeted your child, managing to wheedle his way into your home and sell them his highly-addictive and cripplingly expensive wares, you might react rather angrily.
Forget commentator Paul Mitchell asking for the Man of the Match 25 minutes into the game to wheedle more phone cash and forever harking back to the France game.
I believe that O'Leary wanted a quiet period of consolidation this season, then a concerted effort to wheedle more money out of Doug Ellis than he expected a few months back, to get a higher standard of players in.
Now he is consigned to the wastelands of the early show on Radio Norwich while he tries to wheedle his way back to real stardom with an oiliness that only Partridge can attain.
One minute he seems to heed Ross's urgency about leaving; the next he's letting Bosie wheedle him into staying.
He tries to wheedle a pal into cutting off a finger for him, comes onto a squirming male he meets in a bar (smashing a nearby patron over the head with beer bottles for no particular reason), later pulling the buddy off the girl he's fucking and mounting him.
He's evil through and through, and even if he manages to wheedle his way back for a while, we can't make him good.
I could not, for whatever reason, wheedle myself on to the canoe-building team, but I remember Mr Bower the joinery teacher very well and a good teacher he was, too.
But when the mother who controls his life is suspiciously mown down by a car the sharks move in to try wheedle out his winnings.
42nd Street Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton Surely 42nd Street is one of the all-time great musicals -precocious, musically block-busting and filled with characters who hustle, wheedle, throw temperaments and eventually become stars through sheer grit.
Detective Chief Inspector Graham Lloyd, of Cardiff CID, said a team of 10 officers were working to wheedle out the thugs.