what's his face

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what's his/her face

A phrase used to refer to someone whose name the speaker cannot or does not remember. And then what's his face showed up at the party and ruined the whole thing!
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what's his face

 and what's his name
Sl. someone whose name has been forgotten; someone whose name is being avoided. Was what's his name there? I never can remember his name. I can't remember what's his face's name either.
See also: face

ˈwhat’s his/her face

(spoken) used to refer to a person whose name you cannot remember: Are you still working for what’s her face?
See also: face
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In Weird Girl and What's His Name, Meagan Brothers takes her characters through the latter journey, proving that in the end, the truth can be far more complicated and interesting than the perception.
Hell, from what I hear the women-folk are even takin' over all the science and engineering jobs and makin' the top man, what's his name, Summers, skedaddle.
You know, what's his name, the guy who turned up at every unveiling of a new postage stamp.
One of the boys, Mike Rau - he runs the local rental equipment store over in Canoga Park, you know the place - well, he started carryin' on about what's his name, that big guy whose been on the City Council seems like since the turn of the century - John Ferraro?