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The first humpback whales of the season were spotted in May off the Gold Coast, which is a coastal city in Queensland, approximately 41 miles south-southeast of Brisbane.
By this point in whale evolution, the nostril (blowhole), had moved to the top of the head; ears had evolved that allowed acute underwater hearing; forelimbs had become flippers; and hind limbs were rudimentary.
It is now well established that the "scrag" whales killed in early colonial days along the Atlantic coast were a population of gray whales, and that the sperm whales' huge head, filled with fine oil, is used in echolocation.
Worm notes that migrating whales are difficult to spot and that scientists have incomplete information about routes.
Using sharp knives, Moore and his team cut into the whale blubber.
Yes, you can in fact see whales without braving the sea or forking out the admission to a marine park.
The big problem for the whalers is that whale meat has never been an important part of the Japanese diet, except as a cheap and available protein source during the Second World War.
Between 2000 and 2002, a team of scientists led by Tetsuya Endo, a professor in the Department of Clinical Toxicology and Metabolism at the Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, purchased whale meat samples from markets across the country.
The promotion council for the IWC Shimonoseki conference displayed a five-meter-long whale balloon in front of Shibuya station, handed out fliers advocating whaling, and offered food products made from whale meat for 600 people.
And the sooner the ship was filled with casks of whale oil, the sooner sailors could return to families they had not seen for months--perhaps years.
Observers from the Ocean Mammal Institute reported changes in whale distribution and behavior.
Some of whale meat products sold in Japan from last spring until early this year contained meat from endangered or protected whales, an international environmental protection group and researchers said Wednesday.
Environmentalists win the fight in Mexico's Baja California Sur over a salt mine that would endanger the gray whale.
Japanese vessels are moving into the Southern Ocean to commence another whale kill, despite strong international support for the protection of whales in the Southern Ocean," Hill said in a statement.
I worked with the two fifth grade classes to construct the whale.