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Just now she was tossing on the bosom of a big ocean, with nothing to keep her afloat but a miserable wooden hen-coop that had a plank bottom and slatted sides, through which the water constantly splashed and wetted her through to the skin
I applied all the remedies with my own hands; I cut her laces with my own scissors, I completely wetted her head through with cold water; I remained with her until she was quite exhausted- I took her in my arms, and folded her to my bosom; I sent every body out of the room; I said, 'Dear child, confide in me.
To reanimate them, they must be irritated or wetted with water.
The young slip of a gale, having wetted our gills, proceeded to moderate.
Sometimes, indeed, none too soon; for one reef was so close on the brig's weather board that when a sea burst upon it the lighter sprays fell upon her deck and wetted us like rain.
My employer drove home through it in his gig, and reached the house wetted to the skin.
Miss Halcombe unhappily exposed herself to be wetted through by a heavy rain.