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The concentration of the insecticide imidacloprid in runoff from turf treated with a granular formulation was twice as high as the concentration following treatment with a wettable powder formulation (Ambrust and Peeler 2002).
Wettable Powders: Wettable powders can be defined as finely divided pesticidal dusts containing surface active agents that will allow the concentrate to be diluted to field strength to form stable sprayable suspensions.
The desiccated corneal cells lack the microvilli and glycocalyx necessary to render the surface wettable and this will manifest as a decrease in tear breakup time.
In this study, in case of application of the PCMs to textiles, in order to overcome these problems, waterproof and breathable finished nylon fabrics were prepared directly using two different coating methods without a binder, namely, wet coating using a wettable and micro-porous PU resin with the incorporation of PCMMcs into the fabrics, and dry coating using a hydrophilic and non-porous PU resin.
PES membranes are also somewhat naturally hydrophobic and require modification to make them fully wettable.
Metals must be cleaned of all oils and then pretreated to provide a wettable, uniform surface that promotes adhesion.
The borate solutions were obtained by diluting the appropriate weight of the wettable powder Tim-bor[R] Professional (Nisus Corporation; 98% DOT) (Anon.
When considering the wider applicability of previous work, some shortcomings can be identified: (i) the focus on only a small range of samples from 1 or 2 regions; (ii) wettable soils were not always included as a control; (iii) the incomplete extraction of relevant compounds from water repellent soils, i.
Being a hydrophilic polymer, the alginate sponge is easily wettable, allowing more efficient penetration of cells into matrix.
The original wettable powder and the newly registered organic formulation of Serenade are approved for use on vines, fruits, hops, peanuts, vegetables and walnuts.
This year it was upgraded to a wettable powder formulation called Surround WP Crop Protectant.
Burner Operation--If burners are running too rich, they can create carbon deposits that make the refractory more wettable and conducive to penetration.
Wettable sulfur is one of the least toxic fungicidal controls.
This patterning made the surface more wettable in a very controlled way, allowing the droplet to assume a slightly more oblong shape.