wet (oneself)

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wet (oneself)

1. Literally, to urinate while wearing one's clothing. I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I'd nearly wet myself by the time I made it home. Sarah has just finished potty training, but she still wets herself from time to time.
2. To laugh hysterically or uncontrollably. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) Raj's new boyfriend is hilarious, he had us wetting ourselves through the whole lunch!
3. To be extremely excited or giddy. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) Abigail and I were nearly wetting ourselves with excitement for the concert to start!
See also: wet

ˈwet yourself


wet your ˈpants/ˈknickers

(informal) accidentally urinate (= get rid of water from your body) in your underwear: I was laughing so much I almost wet myself!
See also: wet


1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. He’s been drinking since noon and is pretty wet.
2. mod. having to do with an area where is it legal to sell alcohol. (Compare this with dry.) Is it wet or dry in this county?
3. mod. feeble; in the manner of a nerd. Tom is totally wet. What a jerk.
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I AM pleased to hear that our ambassador, Anne Wafula-Strike, finally has some financial redress, almost a year on from the embarrassment and indignity endured when forced to wet herself on a train.
A friend of mine said her daughter came home in tears because she was too scared to use the loo all day and she nearly wet herself in class.
But Cat was mortified when her incontinence became so unmanageable that she wet herself at work.
She said: "That lady might have to wet herself as she won't die of embarrassment but if that man doesn't get his antibiotics he might actually die of infection.
Niki rolled over, tail thumping against the floor, her way of laughing so hard she practically wet herself.
I don't know what background she has come from but, when we got her to the kennel, she cringed and wet herself and it was like she was getting ready for a beating.
In fact, if you watch closely enough you'll spot Sherrie struggling to keep a straight face as Shane makes his entrance as Sammy - quite clearly she's about to wet herself laughing.
In fact, if you watch closely you'll spot Sherrie struggling to keep a straight face as Shane makes his entrance as Sammy - quite clearly about to wet herself laughing.
To be on the concrete floor of a bathroom at 90 years of age, being freezing cold having eventually wet herself and in such harrowing pain is unacceptable.
However Winslet, who is having her first child with husband Ned Rocknroll, joked of not letting her sneeze, as she might wet herself at the same time.
I was struck by how rare it was for people to mention doing that, then lo and behold on "Woman's Hour" on Radio 4 this week, a woman was talking about how she sometimes wet herself because she couldn't often couldn't make it to the loo on time.
She has been called out of school enough times when she has wet herself because she has been afraid he is coming to get her," Paul said.
Forensic tests revealed the woman had almost four times the drink driving limit of alcohol and was so drunk she wet herself.