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We don't take it [the ruling] as a wet blanket, only as an indication," says McLear, adding that the message Baptist officials get from it is that hospitals may first have to prove themselves as partners before regulators allow them to merge.
The savings-and-loan crisis, the federal deficit, and the problems in the Middle East threaten to place a huge wet blanket on the American economy.
Derek Turner by email A Love your enthusiasm, Derek, and I don't want to be a wet blanket, but you will need advice and approval from a structural engineer and your local council to undertake this work.
We covered them with a wet blanket so the chemicals couldn't get into their bodies.
The mum-of-four tried to extinguish the fire with a wet blanket but the blaze had already begun to ravage the furniture and the heat had burst the radiator and flooded the downstairs of the property.
Rushton said those not involved in negotiations between SMOC and city officials should not be "a wet blanket.
I was dismissed as a wet blanket, as it were, and was told that the Ryder Cup would be a window on the world for Wales, with millions around the globe glued to their televisions and concluding what a wonderful country it is.
Police chief Richard Apodarado said: 'A slap on the head with a wet blanket will bring them to their senses.
Sorry to toss a wet blanket on your hot-stove league, but Shawn Green ain't goin' to N.
The five-day storm has thrown a wet blanket on state forest fires, slowing the Bland Mountain No.
And without seeming like a wet blanket, in just over 24 hours it will all be over for another year.
The 37-year-old actor, who first shot to fame in as Simon "Wicksy" Wicks in TV soap EastEnders, took time off after his last venture, Harbour Lights, proved a bit of a wet blanket in the ratings.
But he's such a wet blanket that you have to wonder why anyone would fancy him.
But if you encounter anyone today who seems to be on a different and to you more miserable or serious spectrum, they can immediately feel like a wet blanket.
CLINTON - As homeowners along one section of Main Street wrung themselves out yesterday from the aftermath of tremendous flooding, their insurance agents gave them another wet blanket of bad news on top of ruined furniture and soggy carpets.