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It's really wet back there so you don't want to have to chip up.
Tenders are invited for Turn-Key Execution Comprising Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection & Commissioning Of Steam Generating Unit Of Horizontal Package Type 3 Pass Natural Gas Cum Furnace Fuel Oil Fired Smoke Tubes Boiler (Dual Burner) In Wet Back Construction Having Working Pressure 10.
The Royalist is a conventional three-pass wet back, steel shell boiler, which, due to its generous boiler water content, requires no minimum water flow rate.
I was probably 110 pounds soaking wet back then, and I was out there doing the same things these people are doing.
Place heaped teaspoons of mixture onto the prepared baking trays spacing them well apart then flatten them slightly using the wet back of a spoon.
With Wet Wet Wet back together, Marti's still prone to the odd solo outburst.
We printed the Pb-free and SnPb pastes and measured how well they wet back to the pads after reflow.
And our customers like picture-postcard wintry backdrops, when it's usually dull and wet back home.
Fulton Boiler Works (Great Britain) Ltd has announced that it has recently launched a nine-model RBC range of horizontal wet back fire tube boilers.
ITW Devilbiss and Magnaflux still purchase the Dynaclean system as their industry standard for both wet back and dry filter process applications.
The first jig is used to hold the soaking wet back slat in a bent position (Photo 2).
Today no one denies that the wet back performance of Always sanitary napkins is excellent compared to those utilizing a nonwoven.
She veered to the hedge, looking for shelter and I patted her wet back.
The Norwich project involved supplying and installing two Robey-Loos UL-S IE 10,000 type, three pass wet back, single furnace steam boilers with integrated economizers, in the company's new Energy Centre.
What many producers have are basic "bucket and spade" type tests for absorbency and wet back, with perhaps commercially made tensile and strikethrough testers.