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as if that were not enough

On top of that; additionally; furthermore. Often used to introduce a further difficulty, problem, or misfortune in addition to that which has already been described. My poor car was smashed beyond repair in the accident, and as if that weren't enough, I also spilled coffee on my brand new suit! Languages, and English in particular, are a difficult thing to learn. As if that were not enough, idioms make the whole thing that much harder to master.
See also: enough, if, not, that

be not worth a fig

To be unimportant or insignificant. I know you're upset that the decor wasn't exactly as you designed it, but that's not worth a fig when you consider how spectacular the gala was overall.
See also: fig, not, worth

if it weren't for (someone or something)

If someone or something hadn't helped, intervened, or affected the situation in some way. The phrase is always followed by an explanation of how things would have turned out different without someone or something. If it weren't for those quick-thinking bystanders, I wouldn't be alive today. If it weren't for my student loans, I would be a millionaire by now.
See also: if

not about to

Not going to (do something), typically because of unwillingness. I'm not about to work on this after hours if the deadline isn't until next month. Jane wasn't about to pay all that extra money just to get a different color.
See also: not

(one's) heart isn't in it

One is not emotionally invested in something. I used to love running, but my heart just isn't in it anymore—that's why I quit the track team this year.
See also: heart

if it wasn’t/weren’t for...

used to say that somebody/something stopped somebody/something from happening: If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even be here today.
See also: if
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While some the works referenced in this paper are also open access, if you weren t at a university and wanted to read just the articles in the reference list it would cost you $650, Johnston says.
judges weren t impressed and she was shown the door.
They shot when they weren t supposed to shoot," a rebel unit commander called Mohammed Ali told Reuters, after taking cover from a mortar barrage.
If it weren t a great business that everyone needs, and where a customer stays with you for life, then the Mafia wouldn t be in it.
Contributors weren asked to make their writing accessible to a more general audience than typical for a scientific volume written for specialists.
What makes it marketable is you don't have to feed," says development director Laura Weren.
As if saving lives and enhancing the quality of life weren t enough to garner increased support for research, there are dramatic economic benefits as well," said Dr.
President Palpa said that the e-mail has been withdrawn but the points of deals weren t shared.
But even when it came out, we weren t really big into dance music, or listening to it, or making it," he said.
I told her we weren 't having sex and she said she believed me, but didn't want any accidents, so what do I do?
We are delivering services that weren t possible before and finding very smart ways to bring products to the market.
Then in 2014, he realized he was spending most of his time in the lunch room: His services weren t required.
We lost wickets too regularly and we weren t smart enough with our batting on a pitch that held up a bit.
At the same time as terms of the deal weren t revealed, YC stated on its website that a standard deal includes devoting $120,000 for 7% ownership, though it does deviate from that in exceptional cases.
Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn said: With the 2016 Nissan Titan XD, we weren t just going for best-in-class.