go full circle

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go full circle

To return to the original position, situation, or attitude where things began, especially after a long or circuitous series of changes. After dreaming of a career in politics as a young child, and then spending her college years as a staunch dissident of the government, Carrie has gone full circle and now serves as her state's representative in Congress. At the novel's end, the character's journey goes full circle to the childhood home where everything started to go wrong.
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full circle, come

Also, go full circle. Complete an entire cycle; return to the original position or condition. For example, After a whole year of debate we have come full circle on this issue. Shakespeare may have originated this expression in King Lear (5:3): "The wheel is come full circle." A 20th-century idiom with a similar meaning is what goes around comes around, as in I knew if I helped her now, she would help me later-what goes around comes around.
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come/go full ˈcircle

after a long period of changes, return to the position or situation in which something/you started: The wheel of fashion has come full circle. I was wearing shoes like that thirty years ago.
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They say life goes in cycles, and so it was this week that Justin Bieber went full circle, reverting to pop's moron-in-chief after few weeks of good behaviour.
And last month the story went full circle with Cooks announcing it had completed the formalities to acquire the Esquires Canadian intellectual property rights, the original Esquires franchisor founded in 1993.
But things went full circle last week when the Cardiff University graduate, now 24, took part in National Science and Engineering Week as a volunteer tutor.
I started telling them a bit about how I went full circle from being a member of the youth theatre as a little boy to making props for the shows and then turning a hobby into a living," he said.
The Hamilton forward went full circle when he rejoined his first club in January after a career which makes Michael Palin appear like a home bird.
CHRIS LATHAM'S international season went full circle today when he was re-instated to the Australia side for this weekend's Tri-Nations Test against South Africa.
The 66-year-old Frenchman went full circle with developing countries, starting with the Latin debt crisis through the emerging markets boom and finally back to crisis with currency collapses in Asia, Russia and Latin America.
Speculation about the reshuffle went full circle at the weekend, from suggestions that former Coventry schoolgirl Ms Mowlam and Mr Dobson would lose their jobs, to reports that they would both hold on.
1 draft pick Steve Chilcott, went full circle in 1997 when he returned to his roots to serve as pitching coach for the JetHawks.