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wend (one's) way

To proceed to or along a particular path or course. Used especially in the phrase "wend (one's) way home." It's been a great party, but it's starting to get late, so I think I'll start wending my way home. People eventually started to wend their way back to their offices as police broke up the demonstration.
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wend one's way

Proceed along a course, go, as in It's getting late; we had best wend our way home. [c. 1400]
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wend your way

go in a specific direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.
See also: way, wend
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Kirk will be among those wending their way east to west along Colorado Boulevard to Pasadena Avenue.
Tape Fall is composed of a reel-to-reel tape console perched high atop a ladder, with a single regularly recycled audiotape wending its way down from the machine in loopy configurations to create a heap on the floor.
Meanwhile, the tentatively titled I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, a comedy about two firefighters who pretend to be queer in order to file for domestic-partner benefits, is Wending its way through the development pipeline.
Wending his way through the crowd leaving the room, he said the deal wouldn't make sense for him once the price went over $13 million because he likes to build.
As the car drove through the outer boroughs of New York City, wending the way from Queens to the Bronx, I asked her repeatedly about her views on different policy issues and how she, as an attorney and a children's advocate, had viewed things like the legal reasoning of Roe v.
But Russian officials warn that once the area thaws next spring, the remaining oil may continue wending its way north toward the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean.
It might be sink or toilet; blood from the ear, a blue snail wending and cooling its twilit trail; the lips of leaves or the slap of the swallow heading toward mud.
GHOST TRAIN Forging on through wind and rain A spectral of an old steam train, Wending its way through hills and dales.
Beyond is Dean Brook Road, stretching down to Armitage Fold WMC - nicknamed The Monkey Club - and wending its way round to the village cricket club.
To the sound of Elvis's voice singing Memories, fans began wending their way up the driveway of his Graceland estate toward his grave site, where they rekindled a flame that burned by the singer's memorial.
There is a case wending its way through the courts that will destroy the liberal fantasy that the Second Amendment applies only to state-sponsored military.
Capucilli said that the ride to Pristina, wending through scenes of devastation with military presence everywhere and involving many lengthy checkpoint stops, was only slightly expedited by having a NATO escort.
Lawsuits stemming from the interpretation of electrical clauses and overtime heating costs are wending their way through the court system.
It's a spell-caster of a novel, with a family ghost wending its way from the 1830s into the present, from a hollow in Virginia to Nashville, from a young woman destroyed by God's curse on her fiddle to her great-great-great-granddaughter with a Ph.