wend (one's) way

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wend (one's) way

To proceed to or along a particular path or course. Used especially in the phrase "wend (one's) way home." It's been a great party, but it's starting to get late, so I think I'll start wending my way home. People eventually started to wend their way back to their offices as police broke up the demonstration.
See also: way, wend

wend one's way

Proceed along a course, go, as in It's getting late; we had best wend our way home. [c. 1400]
See also: way, wend

wend your way

go in a specific direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.
See also: way, wend
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Together they wend their way through the city, entertaining the crowds lining the streets throughout the afternoon.
The Burns Unit (they're Scots, geddit) boasts credible folkies Karine Polwart, King Creosote, Emma Pollock and more as they wend their way through a surprising set that's been dubbed 'indie pop meets carnival rock'.
Bill keeps Vicki amused as they wend their way through the streets of London, pausing every now and again at the occasional greasy spoon caff to top up the fuel reserves.
It will take some mature thinking and discussion for young readers to wend their way through this thicket of conflicting emotions.
In Wonka's factory, all the worst tendencies of the children - their gluttony, their selfishness, their greed - come into play, and they all pay in frightfully amusing ways as they wend their way through the bizarre factory.
Highlights are Adishakti Theatre Company's solo piece, Brhannala, in which Vinay Kumar thought-provokingly takes on male-female polarities from the Mahabharata; Union Severed, a dance-theatre piece; and the dynamic footwork and drumming of Sadanam Krishnan Kutty and Kottakal Chandra Sekhara Warrier, known respectively as the maestro and doyen of Kathakali, who will then wend their way to the Pantages Theatre in downtown Minneapolis on May 7.
Natural compounds akin to synthetic flame retardants wend their way up marine food chains and accumulate in whale blubber, researchers have found.
Encompassing the entire process of starting a business in one of the seven cities of the fictitious Friday Island, there are 20 modules students have to wend their way through from market analysis, arranging financing to setting up a menu, balancing the books, advertising and hiring staff.
Getting an audience with the CEO used to require employees to make an appointment, then wend their way through the treacherous territory of" the executive suite.
ANYONE wanting a preview of the Apocalypse should wend their way to Manchester.
Final march: Wembley Way is buzzing as Chelsea and Villa fans wend their way towards the hallowed Twin Towers and their theatre of dreams, for some, nightmares for others.
Department of Health and Human Services filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds, claiming that challenges to Medicare matters must first wend their way through its own administrative appeals process.
Hundreds of visitors, including purchasing and procurement agents, will wend their way.
As the dancers wend their way through Size Nine Spirit, we meet them as personalities that by the piece's end are pleasantly familiar.
The patternings of exposed root systems that we see in these mixed-media pieces wend their way through each piece enigmatically, conjuring up images of exposed nerve endings.