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that crowned us kings of the earth; that rushed through every tingling vein till we seemed to walk on air; that thrilled through our throbbing brains and told us to go forth and conquer the whole world; that welled up in our young hearts till we longed to stretch out our arms and gather all the toiling men and women and the little children to our breast and love them all--all.
With a cry of pleasure he sprang toward me and threw his arms about my neck, and for a brief moment as I held my boy close to me the tears welled to my eyes and I was like to have choked after the manner of some maudlin fool--but I do not regret it, nor am I ashamed.
stupefied, petrified, and as though asphyxiated in the presence of the incommensurable tirades which welled up every instant from all parts of his bridal song.
de Bragelonne, who had eight large wounds in his body, through which almost all his blood had welled away.
She began to cry and a still greater sense of pity, tenderness, and love welled up in Pierre.
Tears of weakness welled up and rolled down her cheeks.
The revulsion was so strong and painful in Dorothea's mind that the tears welled up and flowed abundantly.