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mod. chubby; plump. Fortunately, he was upholstered enough that the fall didn’t really hurt.
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Aside from a few well-upholstered props, modern rugby players have the bodies of Greek gods, albeit with noses and ears apparently fashioned from Greek cheese.
According to the Telegraph, rebels took turns to be photographed sitting in the deposed dictator's bedroom or on well-upholstered sofas on board the Airbus A340, which Gaddafi bought for 73 million pounds in 2003.
They've spent pounds 750,000 of our money on "special guests", to ensure their well-upholstered backsides are on the best seats.
Amid the popping of champagne corks and the congratulatory patting of well-upholstered backs, there was a more sober story to be told.
Another 11-8 shot to consider is the well-upholstered Irish prospect Shane Lowry at 12.
Compared with a 911, this thing handles like well-upholstered field artillery.
Director Saul Dibb (Bullet Boy) ventures confidently into the realms of lavish costume drama with this well-upholstered adaptation of Amanda Foreman's best-selling biography Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.
If Ibsen were still around, he'd be using them to power a well-upholstered drama on moral responsibility.
But the hardy souls who stayed put were treated to an enthralling second half and the sight of a well-upholstered Yorkshire lass whose streak across the pitch brought the biggest cheer of the game - the crowd warming to the sight of her frozen assets.
Swedish, reliable, well-upholstered, immaculately turned out - but with a twinkle in its eye.
On one side is a fireplace; on the other, a well-upholstered couch with a pillow propped up on it and a piano.
If I was to describe to you how I think I look, I would probably say tall, well-upholstered in a couple of areas, pale, pink and girlie.
The recording is rich, well-upholstered as the British might say, warmly ambient, with a good sense of depth and a reasonably deep bass.
She features in a series of Baywatch posters, but the well-upholstered Pammy gets nothing.
building on Capital Avenue, I have always been impressed with the sophistication and air of old money written in every well-upholstered sofa, oriental-rugged hallway and efficient secretary's smile.