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mod. chubby; plump. Fortunately, he was upholstered enough that the fall didn’t really hurt.
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A kitchen chair, an armchair, an office chair, a well-upholstered sink-into-comfort chair?
Swedish, reliable, well-upholstered, immaculately turned out - but with a twinkle in its eye.
On one side is a fireplace; on the other, a well-upholstered couch with a pillow propped up on it and a piano.
If I was to describe to you how I think I look, I would probably say tall, well-upholstered in a couple of areas, pale, pink and girlie.
The recording is rich, well-upholstered as the British might say, warmly ambient, with a good sense of depth and a reasonably deep bass.
She features in a series of Baywatch posters, but the well-upholstered Pammy gets nothing.
building on Capital Avenue, I have always been impressed with the sophistication and air of old money written in every well-upholstered sofa, oriental-rugged hallway and efficient secretary's smile.
Bottom line is, we were all having a lip-smacking munch, especially the well-upholstered barmaids who ought to have been visiting their mammies on Mother's Day.
Instrumentation is clear and legible and the car feels well built and solid, with a well-upholstered feel.
They've spent EUR843,000 of our money on "special guests", to ensure their well-upholstered backsides are on the best seats.
With their expensive suits straining over their well-upholstered waistlines and their double chins, these chaps all look as if sport is the very last thing on their busy agendas of meetings, dinners, lunches, overseas travel, banquets, cocktail parties, lobbying events and corporate get-togethers of all kinds.
Connie returns to discover that Hanssen's got his knives out for Elliot Hope and she's got a thankless task on her hands trying to cover his well-upholstered backside.
The 17ft by 12ft 4in sitting room has an ornate wrought-iron fireplace and a bay window, defined by a broad arch, wide enough to accommodate a well-upholstered sofa.
The stage is blood red too - the red of boardrooms and well-upholstered Chesterfields.
The buttocks belong to well-upholstered Bulgarian beauty Kristina Dimitrova.