weld together

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weld (someone and someone else) together

Fig. to bind people together. (Fig. on weld something and something else together.) Their experiences in the war welded Tom and Sam together for life. They were welded together by their common goals.
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weld (something and something else) together

to attach things to one another by welding. The worker welded the ends of the rods together. See if you can weld these plates together.
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Good power supplies that offer enough amperage to weld thick metal are expensive and the inert gas (usually Argon) that is required adds expense and inconvenience.
The minitab software has been used to investigate the interaction of each welding parameters on weld strength.
Figure 2(a) shows a schematic of a two-dimensional finite element model of a lap-shear specimen with realistic weld geometry.
The weld strength was investigated on a Zwick RetroLine Z010 10 kN Universal testing Machine, Zwick GmbH & Co.
To determine the deformations occurred during welding, after each weld both for manual and automatic welding, length of samples was measured using altimeter while hot and at the room temperature.
This improved electrical efficiency has dramatically decreased the equipment size, making HLAW a more realistic alternative to arc weld ing of pipelines.
Worm tracking is a series of marks on the surface of the weld bead caused by gas created by the flux in the core of the wire.
In hybrid Nd:YAG laser/MIG welding, with Argon as shielding gas, of high strength aluminum alloys AA2024-T3 and AA7075-T6 with 1-2mm of thickness, a large number of transverse cracks were found in the weld fusion zone (Hu & Richardson, 2006).
Problems included insufficient weld quality and frequent horn cracking.
Weld, who announced his candidacy for New York governor in August, has said that he does not support the legalization of same-sex marriage outside of Massachusetts, going against his long-held image as an important ally to gays and angering many gay rights activists.
The problem of estimating the spot weld quality is an important component in quality control.
Casting allowed material to be added only to the areas that exhibited high stress and by eliminating possible distortion due to weld stress.
In general, GTAW produces high-quality and consistent welds, provides excellent control of heat input and can weld a wide variety of different metals.
The effects of the welding parameters on the weld strength, elongation, and weld-bead size were investigated.