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Having worked with hundreds of parishes throughout the country, often in the area of welcoming and hospitality, I have found that in most cases a cultural change is required.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- A cavalry regiment joined for the first time a welcoming ceremony held at the Ecankaya presidential palace in Ankara on Tuesday as Turkish President Abdullah GE-l welcomed Latvian President Andris Berzins.
Featured prominently in the film are the efforts of the Tennessee affiliate of the new nonprofit Welcoming America, a national organization whose focus is now on replicating this template for success in cities and towns across the country.
Badge wearers do not have to be fluent in the language but should be able to be welcoming and offer help and directions.
THE Welcomes project explored our thoughts, ideas and experiences on what makes us feel welcome, what makes a place welcoming and how we make others feel welcome.
It also aims to get us thinking about how welcoming Teesside is.
a Roman Catholic Jesuit school, took another step to further the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students this spring when it agreed to rewrite its welcoming statement of nondiscrimination.
To explore these gaps, I'll ponder a spiritual way of reading and responding that involves some extremely challenging--even radical--attitudes: the absolute relinquishing of control, the unconditional welcoming of the Other, the obliteration of the self, and the concomitant willingness to suffer.
It's the first welcoming piece to the home,'' says Lisa Ridolfi, a spokeswoman for Crate and Barrel.
We had better be open and liberal in welcoming others to our fellowship.
The rejection and its resulting media firestorm "opened up a remarkable opportunity" to communicate the church's welcoming stance, said the Reverend John Thomas, UCC president.
As effective as we found the newsletter's welcome letter, we were even more impressed with the magazine's welcoming device--a 7 X 7-inch pamphlet folded once to 3.
However, the board welcoming people to the village has been vandalised.
The responsibility of welcoming new members to the community fell on the shoulders of the homebuilders, local shopkeepers and long-time neighborhood residents.
Welcoming the poor is a sign of true love for Jesus Christ as proven by Saint Francis who kisses the leper because in him he recognized the suffering Christ