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A WARM WELCOME Volunteer welcomer at the Heath Hospital, Jean Martin.
The offers are contained in leaflets handed out by the friendly Weston, Welcomers who are mainly on the J seafront and promenade area.
Some quickly passed the welcomers, knowing that nobody would be expecting them; others emerged smiling, looking for their families or hosts.
In particular, we would love to recruit a team of volunteer site welcomers to greet visitors at the main entrance on open days and to assist with parking and directions on special event days.
They are available every weekday afternoon at Insole Court from the volunteer welcomers on duty and we also hope to provide Scout stamps (20p each, last date for posting December 3).
Welcomers in the vestibulewere Ian and Lesley Baxter.
We need people to be welcomers, we need people to assist the disabled, specialists to help the media, drivers to drive officials around and so on.
He said: 'Occupying armies will always find welcomers.
Designate people as welcomers -- people specifically chosen to keep an eye out for newcomers each week.
Photo: (ran in SAC and AV--color in AV only) Welcomers look at an EC-130H Compass Call airplane that arrived Friday in Palmdale for about a year of upgrades and maintenance.
Abdullah bin Abdulmohsin Al-Turki expressed thanks to the welcomers, pointing out to the efforts exerted by the MWL in the service of Islam and Muslims around the world.
We have a team of welcomers who attend the house most afternoons between 2pm and 4pm and would be delighted to see more visitors.
Welcomers were Kathleen Jackson and Maureen walker and flowers were provided by Margaret Starkey.
He was cheered as he assured his welcomers that he would support the church's ban on women priests and follow Stafford in prohibiting the We Are Church Coalition, a national organization seeking church reforms, from circulating petitions on church property.
For example, Scherer said, Among, Lao and Cambodian refugees "have been mentors and welcomers to the Sudanese," who arrived more recently in the United States.