greet with open arms

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greet/welcome somebody/something with open arms

to be very pleased to see someone, or to be very pleased with something new I was rather nervous about meeting my boyfriend's parents, but they welcomed me with open arms. Our company greeted the arrival of the Internet with open arms.
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This is something our Government should welcome with open arms because for too long the British Armed Forces have been representing the free world in conflicts that in reality have had not been our concern.
We are welcome with open arms (and tills) when it comes to us purchasing goods from these establishments, but not always so where offering us paid work is concerned.
Craig McKeown, M&S regional manager, said: "We are delighted to be opening a store in Hexham, which we are confident local shoppers will welcome with open arms.
I WELCOME with open arms any attempt by the Executive to rid our land of sectarianism.
Like many societies, the Honley group has an established core of actors and off-stage workers - but would welcome with open arms any new faces.
San Antonio College Invitational cross country meet, groundskeepers filled muddy patches with sand, an added obstacle that the region's top runners didn't exactly welcome with open arms.
I WELCOME with open arms the new anti-bullying campaign to protect children and young people.
I do not see the inclusion of a certain number of non-Catholic teachers on our staff as being a fatal blow to our convictions or to our ability to transmit to the next generation and future generations the tenets of our faith and the principles of our morality--I say that we should welcome with open arms our brother teachers who may come into our system even if they do not share our faith".
We trust this overwhelming message is heard and seen by the judges who we welcome with open arms today.
Every year since 1984, the City of New York has hosted Fleet Week to show its appreciation to the Sailors and Marines who serve our country and every year they are welcome with open arms by New Yorkers.
Sir, - For all those who say they welcome with open arms the proposed identity card, that they have done nothing wrong and therefore have nothing to fear (about 70 per cent ), that it will help in all manner of ways to reduce crime, fraud and money laundering, I say that there is a strong possibility that none has waded through the 146 A4 pages of the 'consultation paper'.
We will continue to welcome with open arms Democrats who are dissatisfied as their party continues to turn to the left," Nicholson continued.
We are looking for a positive user for the space that the city will welcome with open arms so the process of getting it zoned won't be problematic," said Trump's vice president, Abe Wallach.
And we have back among us two women who none of us would exactly welcome with open arms as our new next door neighbours.