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Weirder as in a Salt Lake team that had not won more than three games in succession and has a four-game winning streak coming into MLS Cup.
It just gets weirder and weirder: I have never heard such c**p in my life," she said.
The Weirder the Better" is a solid novel for young readers.
Defending, Charlie Weirder asked magistrates to release Brown on bail until he appears at Newcastle Crown Court on January 5, but this was refused.
Those with weak stomachs might wish to avoid this little investigation into the weirder side of the beauty industry.
CELTIC'S reaction to Barry Robson being sent home from the Scotland squad was one of the weirder things I've read in a while.
The movie kind of stops being funny about 15 minutes in, or at least Murphy loses the ability to make you smile as young Augusten's situation goes from bad to weirder to worse and weirder still.
Then two of our own judges get mixed up in a scandal over a Brazilian cleaner and you realise life can be weirder than fiction
An even weirder tale is told by George Pendle in Strange Angel (Phoenix, pounds 8.
The good guys are arguably weirder than the unseen ETs who travel in the fourth dimension, mess with earthly DNA and send spooky signals that make fish start synchronised swimming.
A: Personally, it's more of a slow, weirder type album, you know?
This was one of Henderson's weirder ideas," said the trainer.
ON JAPANESE TV, the later the hour, the weirder the programming.
The tortuous tale of a forged fossil just keeps getting weirder.