weigh against

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weigh something against something

to ponder something by balancing it against something. I weighed going to town against staying here and sleeping and I decided to stay here. When I weigh your suggestion against my own ideas, I realize that I must follow my own conscience.
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weigh against someone or something

Fig. to count against someone or something; [for some fact] to work against someone or something. I hope my many absences do not weigh against me on the final grade. This will weigh against you.
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weigh against

1. To compare something to something else in order to make a decision: When we weighed our decision against the alternatives, it was clearly the wrong choice.
2. To affect someone or something adversely in an evaluation: My poor test scores will weigh against me.
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A letter to Dudley Council said: "While the panel did not consider the local case strong enough to weigh against the very strong competition for the one regional casino they are pleased to consider your proposal further in the context of large and small casinos.
In every case, tenants will be well-positioned to make the right decision by paying close attention to the terms of the original lease while carefully examining their own needs and how they weigh against the potential financial benefits.
1) Movements of the dollar against individual currencies diverged widely between November 1989 and January 1990--a period when the rapid opening up of Eastern Europe benefited the German mark and a number of factors continued to weigh against the Japanese yen.
Using up-to-the-minute data gathered on the Internet through Ask Jeeves for Kids, as well as recorded interviews from the Road Scholars in the field, students make decisions about each situation and how economic factors weigh against environmental ones.
Additional factors that, if" present, will weigh in favor of equitable relief (but will not weigh against equitable relief if absent) include:
Two of McKinzie's former girlfriends denied ever telling authorities that he abused or threatened them - allegations that could weigh against the repeat felon when the jury decides whether to recommend that he be sent to Death Row for robbing and strangling Ruth Avril, 73, of Oxnard.