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enough to make the angels weep

So terrible, distressing, or grievous as to shake the foundations of one's faith or hope. The tragedy of those two young boys' deaths is enough to make the angels weep.
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weep (one's) heart out

To weep copiously; to cry intensely and for a long time. Lauren wept her heart out at the news of her father's sudden death. What did you say to upset your brother? He's been weeping his heart out upstairs for the last half hour!
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weep millstones

Said hyperbolically of one who is deemed so cold and indifferent as to be unable to cry tears. I've never seen Claire show any emotion—in fact, she probably weeps millstones. Why didn't you comfort that poor little girl? Do you weep millstones?
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Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone.

Prov. When you are happy, people will want to be around you and share your happiness, but when you are sad, people will avoid you. Nancy: When Harry and I were dating, all our friends invited us places and called to say hello. Now that we've broken up, they treat me as if I don't exist. Jane: Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone.
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read it and weep

Fig. read the bad news; hear the bad news. I'm sorry to bring you the bad news. Read it and weep.
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weep about someone or something

to cry about someone or something; to mourn someone or something. She was weeping about her grandfather, who had passed away in the night. There is no use weeping about spilled milk.
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weep for joy

Fig. to cry out of happiness. She was so happy, she wept for joy. We all wept for joy at the safe return of the child.
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weep for (someone or an animal)

to cry out of sorrow for someone or an animal. She wept for her puppy when it was terribly sick. Please don't weep for me after I'm gone.
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weep over someone or something

to cry about someone or something. No need to weep over me. I'll do all right. There is no point in weeping over something you can't do anything about.
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laugh and the world laughs with you

Keep your sense of humor and people will sympathize with you, as in She's always cheerful and has dozens of friends; laugh and the world laughs with you. This expression actually is part of an ancient Latin saying that concludes, weep and the world weeps with you. The current version, with the ending weep and you weep alone (meaning "you'll get no sympathy in your sorrow"), first appeared in 1883 in Ella Wilcox's poem "Solitude." O. Henry used a slightly different version: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and they give you the laugh" ( The Count and the Wedding Guest, 1907).
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weep buckets

Cry copiously, as in That sad tale of unrequited love always made her weep buckets. [Colloquial]
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read 'em and weep

You won't be happy with this news. You're playing poker, and at the end of a hand you hold a full house, aces high. Only you and another player are left in the round. You lay down your hand, and just as you're about to reach for the substantial amount of money in the pot, the other player lays down his cards and says smugly, “Read 'em and weep.” It's a straight flush. Although the phrase is most commonly heard in card games, it has been used in other situations, such as when a garage mechanic with a distorted sense of humor hands you a staggeringly large bill for his services.
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Later when Willard seethes with barely controlled rage, Glover weeps so hard that snot drips from his nose.
The lines omitted from the final version read: "I look from the wings at the play you are staging/While my guitar gently weeps/As I'm sitting here doing nothing but aging/Still my guitar gently weeps.
Megawati, a former housewife who ascended to the presidency in 2001, frequently weeps when making speeches, especially on national disintegration.
In the midst of this senseless slaughter, the wise women reach out to a God of compassion, knowing that God weeps for them in the midst of injustice and pain.
DO you know why the weeping willow weeps, or why there is a mountain dedicated to a goddess in Cowbridge?
GEORGE HARRISON was visiting his parents' home in Warrington when he first began writing While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
God not only weeps but goes on to change death into life, hopelessness into joy and the "war" of grief into the peace of understanding.
The photos in Fazal Sheikh's series "A Camel for the Son," 1992-2000, and "The Victor Weeps," 1996-98, are among the latter.
I suggest that far from withdrawing His love from such sinners, God weeps over them, as Our Lord wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41-44).
AS you probably guessed from the title, The Very Best of While My Guitar Gently Weeps cherry-picks prime tracks from the three volumes to date of this highly-successful series.
LYRICS to While My Guitar Gently Weeps handwritten by Beatles legend George Harrison sold for pounds 300,000 at auction yesterday.
Surprises abound -- ``While My Guitar Gently Weeps,'' ``Ave Maria,'' ``The Star-Spangled Banner,'' and the album's tour de force, Chick Corea's ``Spain,'' all feature technique, musicality and chutzpah to spare.
The one glorious exception to the taxidermy syndrome is Bill Viola's 1976 video installation He Weeps for You, which manages to encapsulate the viewer, the gallery, and the world in a single drop of water.
DISTRAUGHT: Relatives of Alana Katsanova, 15; DESPAIR: Relative at rain-swept burial site; PAIN: Old woman weeps for girl of 11; TEARS: Victim's mum; Picture: REUTERS; GOODBYE: This victim was just 11; TORTURED: Mourner in Beslan yesterday; MAXIM MARMUR/AFP/GETTY IMAGES; WHY?
We must open ourselves to the God who weeps in the cries of the prophets and in the tears of Jesus over Jerusalem, the God who aches for us in our pain and moves in us and through us to labor for healing and wholeness.