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dirty weekend

A secret getaway in which two unmarried people leave town to have sex. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. When Dana and Harry both skipped work on Saturday, we knew they had gone away for a dirty weekend.
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have a face like a wet weekend

To look miserable. Primarily heard in UK. Poor Colin has a face like a wet weekend because his girlfriend dumped him.
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make a day/night/weekend of it

To extend one's plans in order to spend more time in a particular place or doing a particular activity. Since we have to drive up there, why don't we make a day of it and visit some wineries on the way. We have a guest room. You guys should stay over and make a weekend of it.
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something for the weekend

a condom or packet of condoms. informal
The expression originated as a euphemism used by barbers when asking their customers if they wished to buy some condoms.
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a ˌdirty weekˈend

(British English, humorous) a weekend spent away from home in order to have sex, usually with somebody who is not your usual partner: They went away for a dirty weekend in Brighton.
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weekend warrior

n. a member of the military reserves. I wanted to be a weekend warrior and get some of the educational benefits.
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Country Western Music Weekend (September 6-9): Thursday night is included free on this weekend featuring many great country performers, including The Coyote River Band, Midnight Cowboy, The Hard Luck Aces and more, as well as a Thursday night bonfire and a Saturday "Lobster Festival" (tickets for the lobster dinner are $24 additional).
Museum,'' released by Fox, marked another big opening for star Ben Stiller, who scored on the same weekend two years ago with a $48.
London Stansted airlines and passengers face yet another wave of disruptions following a vote by the airport's baggage handlers and check-in staff to strike during the August Bank Holiday weekend in a dispute over pay.
And who can forget that even morn obvious movie match, Palm Springs Weekend (1963), in which Troy Donahue pursues Connie Stevens around the desert town during spring break from college?
Membership is free and each member vows to go to key movies on their first weekend and to try to recruit 10 others to do the same.
In Pennsylvania, Kenbrook Bible Camp was a partner in planning as well as hosting the weekend.
Americans would most like to spend a weekend with celebrity couple Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, when given a choice of celebrity couples, a new survey from new lifestyle magazine Weekend reveals.
Casino Royale'' fell short of the $47 million opening weekend of ``Die'' but far exceeded Brosnan's first outing as Bond in 1995's ``Goldeneye'' ($26.
44% of suburbanites think they have better sex on the weekends versus 39% of people in large urban areas.
16 percent over 2005, when the industry was mired in a record streak of down weekends that began in the winter and stretched throughout the summer.
com(R) (Nasdaq: PCLN) said today that it still has combination air/hotel packages available for popular ski destinations around the country on all of the peak ski weekends.
Five weekends in a row is not a good thing but last weekend was very strong," said Exhibitor Relations President Paul Dergarabdian.
today announced that "The Wall Street Journal This Morning"--America's fastest-growing, early-morning radio-news program--will expand to weekends beginning Jan.