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dirty weekend

A secret getaway in which two unmarried people leave town to have sex. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. When Dana and Harry both skipped work on Saturday, we knew they had gone away for a dirty weekend.
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a dirty weekend

  (British & Australian humorous)
a weekend when two people who are not married go away somewhere to have sex At first I thought he was asking me to go away for a dirty weekend.
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have a face like a wet weekend

  (british informal) also have a face as long as a wet week (australian)
to look very unhappy He's had a face like a wet weekend all day.
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weekend warrior

n. a member of the military reserves. I wanted to be a weekend warrior and get some of the educational benefits.
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3 Halloween Weekends (September 28-30, October 12-14 & October 19-21): Join us for costume parades and contests, site decorating, a bonfire, hypnosis show, wagon rides and much more.
After three successful pilot weekends, NWF is ready to launch NatureLink nationwide, calling upon the resources of local organizations to help bring the NatureLink message to communities across the country.
That was good enough to land in seventh place for the weekend despite only one day in wide release and bookings into just 852 theaters.
Women (44%) think it's more important than men (38%) to "escape from their jobs completely" on the weekend.
While consumer spending in the electronic and furniture segments was quite strong, department and discount stores lagged over the weekend.
Still, box office receipts have been up over 2005 figures 27 out of the last 35 weekends, with year-to-date revenue up by nearly 6 percent.
And who can forget that even morn obvious movie match, Palm Springs Weekend (1963), in which Troy Donahue pursues Connie Stevens around the desert town during spring break from college?
com) is a leading Internet travel company specializing in discount flights, last minute cruises, weekend hotel deals and one-of-a-kind weekend getaways.
Auxiliary educational activities will be available throughout the remainder of the weekend at more than 30 Paso Robles wineries.
Its robust opening led to overall box office revenue being up for the fourth weekend in a row and the 11th out of the last 12.
com into the global marketplace for weekend travel and leisure.
Dinah Shore weekend in Palm Springs is fast becoming the lesbian event of the year
com (NASDAQ:TRFC), the leading provider of personalized traffic information for drivers coast to coast, is empowering Labor Day weekend travelers with a full range of solutions to help drivers manage the roadway congestion they will encounter during holiday weekend travel.
The 20th Century Fox release is also in position to set a Memorial Day weekend record by surpassing the $95.
CHICAGO, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chicago Sun-Times, the nation's ninth largest metropolitan daily newspaper, will begin carrying USA Weekend on Sunday, June 19, Sun-Times Publisher Sam S.