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born out of wedlock

born to an unmarried mother. The child was born out of wedlock. In the city many children are born out of wedlock.
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out of wedlock

Of parents not legally married, as in Over the centuries many royal children were born out of wedlock. The noun wedlock, for the state of being married, is rarely heard today except in this phrase, first recorded in 1675; its converse, in wedlock, dates from the 1300s and is even more rarely used.
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out of wedlock

Of parents not legally married to each other: born out of wedlock.
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She got pregnant and had little David but when the father broke up with the mother, he called her sponsor to inform him that the woman had had a child out of wedlock.
Unlike couples rearing children outside of wedlock.
Experts believe that the eradication of the stigma attached to being unmarried and pregnant has allowed childbirth outside wedlock to gain social legitimacy.
Currently, children born in wedlock are registered as ''eldest son'' or ''eldest daughter'' and so on, but those born out of wedlock are registered as simply ''female'' or ''male.
Fathers' prenatal involvement will be positively associated with the number of peers and siblings with children born out of wedlock.
She is appealing her sentence of death by stoning under sharia, or Islamic law, for having a child out of wedlock.
More than 30,000 women were incarcerated in the laundries for such sins as having children out of wedlock, promiscuity simply being orphaned or "simple-minded.
Later on some newspapers began to refer to the "offence" as having a child out of wedlock.
Believe it or not, the Wirral town is top of the flops when it comes to lasting wedlock, with almost 30% of unions ending in the divorce courts.
I often wonder how children feel when they are eventually informed they were born out of wedlock.
Set in England in the 1800s and based on true events, Mama's Babies tells of a woman who answers ads in papers for "nannies" to take care of babies young women have had out of wedlock.
An Islamic high court in northern Nigeria has rejected an appeal by a single mother sentenced to be stoned to death for having sex out of wedlock.
Robinson, born out of wedlock, a victim of childhood sexual abuse who was forced to leave her home at the age of 16, has proven her affirmation in her latest book, Yes, You Can: How to Start, Operate, & Grow a Business While Developing Yourself and Pursuing Your Personal Goals (APU Publishing Group, $18).
Year of Year of violent Correlation Percentage of out-of- crime rates explained variance wedlock [([r.
Apparently, it is not because welfare reenforced the tendency to have children out of wedlock nor because low welfare benefits encouraged dependency at a low standard of living.