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drive a wedge between

someone and someone else Fig. to cause people to oppose one another or turn against one another. The argument drove a wedge between Mike and his father.
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wedge someone or something (in) between people or things

to work someone or something into a tiny space between people or things. The usher wedged us in between two enormously fat people, and we were all very uncomfortable. They wedged in the package between Jane and the wall. We had to wedge Timmy between Jed and the side of the car.
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drive a wedge between somebody/something

to cause a division between people or groups Frank had to travel a lot and this finally drove a wedge between him and his wife. The issue of global warming has driven a wedge between our government and the rest of the world.
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drive a wedge between somebody

if you drive a wedge between two people or two groups of people, you do something which spoils their relationship She thinks Samantha's jealous and is trying to drive a wedge between her and her boyfriend. This is a clear attempt to drive a wedge between the USA and its western allies.
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the thin end of the wedge

  (British & Australian)
the start of a harmful development There are those who see the closure of the hospital as the thin end of the wedge.
See be thin on the ground, a fine line, spread too thin, wear thin
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thin edge of the wedge

A minor change that begins a major development, especially an undesirable one. For example, First they asked me to postpone my vacation for a week, and then for a month; it's the thin edge of the wedge and pretty soon it'll be a year . This term alludes to the narrow wedge inserted into a log for splitting wood. [Mid-1800s]
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wedge in

To lodge or jam something or someone in some location: I accidently wedged my hat in the flue. The box was wedged in the crawl space.
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