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atomic wedgie

n. an instance of pulling someone’s underpants up very tightly—from the rear—so that the cloth is pulled between the victim’s buttocks; a severe wedgie or melvin. I’m going to sneak up behind Bob and give him an atomic wedgie.
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and wedgie
n. a situation where one’s underpants are drawn up tightly between the buttocks; a melvin. Willy skipped up behind Greg and gave him a wedgy.


See wedgy
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Now, some of the investigating officers couldn't comprehend how getting a wedgie from a long-time friend justified shooting him twice, perforating an arm and a leg.
FLW, Americas is also responsible for additional business diversification initiatives including a pioneering wireless channel, Atomic Wedgie, delivering original made-for-mobile video content on demand.
Yes, I know that in reality I'd be deeply uncomfortable because the seams would be splitting on my size 18 frock and my magic pants would be creating a wedgie situation.
A children's book, the book's language, including words such as pee-pee, poopy, wedgie and Dr.
Amongst the thousands sifted through, there'll be golden oldies including The Tortoise Dancing With A Toothbrush, The Incomparable Urinal Fail and Geordie Pants Man, plus clips destined to become classics such as The Cheeseburger Fight and The Ultimate Wedgie.
Sadly Phil had to leg it before he got round to flicking Ian's ears, giving him a wedgie and finishing him off with a Chinese burn.
The outsized look really caught on in the disco era when campy oversized ties, collars and even platform wedgie shoes became the norm.
We are the wedgie, the butt thong between the cheeks of church and state.
Atomic Wedgie will be available on Sprint, one of the largest wireless carriers in the US, starting October 16 for a monthly subscription cost of $4.
It's table tennis star Gavin Rumgay's front wedgie and Ross Murdoch's swearing.
She wasn't doing anything, threatening me with a wedgie or a Chinese burn, I just couldn't shake off the panic.
But Daniel Strouss prob'ly won't have much choice in that, and he might get worse than a wedgie.
He pulled my undies out from my jeans and gave me a big wedgie.
London, July 23 (ANI): Brit actress Kate Winslet has revealed that she still has wedgie problems and that too on the red carpet.
Mrs Baxter gives a workman a wedgie and the Darters meet an eerily similar team from Holland.