wedding tackle

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your wedding tackle

  (British humorous)
a man's sexual organs He wears special padding to protect his wedding tackle.
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Jamie Osborne, whose horses are in tremendous form, has had the three-year-old gelded and he certainly looked a different proposition without his wedding tackle.
Poor old Gareth is now left with the prospect of standing at the altar minus a very important piece of his wedding tackle - and that's no joke to a boy from Barry
Said article makes much of the dieting and fitness regime that has so far led to a remarkable revelation for AWT: "When I stand up naked I can actually see my wedding tackle.
The jokes are old, borrowed and blue, but it's a step up from the 2000 Britcom The Wedding Tackle.
In 2008, former Villa keeper David James showed clever caseball control to conceal his wedding tackle.
Perhaps if the poor beast had been travelling even more swiftly, he'd have escaped the man with the big shears and hung on to his wedding tackle, but it's an ill wind, as they say, and nobody connected with Pegasus Stables seemed to be mourning the loss of two superfluous equine plums.
But it wasn't a wedding Prince Harry was worried about in the Arctic yesterday - it was his wedding tackle.
Try not to worry about the damage to your liver and your wedding tackle.
Even then, I'm not entirely convinced he MEANT to plant his studs right in Carvalho's wedding tackle.
Though hailed for his performance in 1995's Feast of July and reaping strong reviews for both Maybe Baby and Mansfield Park, a succession of such dodgy choices as Women Talking Dirty, Lighthouse and The Wedding Tackle didn't exactly help his cause.
He is about to lose his wedding tackle but Carte Diamond was definitely the best man on Doncaster's Town Moor on Saturday.
When they grabbed your wedding tackle,' he replied.
The rocker could have cried foul at leggy Penny's crafty tickle to his wedding tackle.
He gave every rancid, sycophantic Royal Wedding junkie a verbal boot in the wedding tackle and I for one applaud him.