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bob and weave

To move quickly up and down and side to side, typically in an attempt to evade someone or something. You need to bob and weave more so that your opponent can't hit you.
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get weaving

To start doing something. Primarily heard in UK. Come on, let's get weaving—we've wasted enough time already.
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weave (one's) magic

To use one's unique talents or charm to obtain a desired thing or outcome. I never thought the boss would approve our business trip, but Sam wove her magic, and now, we're off to Denver! Whenever I can't get my car running, I have my dad come over and weave his magic on the engine.
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weave around

to move about, changing directions at random. The drunken driver wove around all over the road. He was weaving around everywhere.
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weave in and out (of something)

Fig. to move, drive, or walk in and out of something, such as traffic, a line, etc. The car was weaving in and out of traffic dangerously. The deer ran rapidly through the forest, weaving in and out of the trees.
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weave something from something

1. to make a fabric from some type of fiber. They weave this cloth from a fine plant fiber. This cloth is woven from silk threads.
2. Fig. to make a story or explanation out of a small amount of information. (Fig. on {2}.) You have woven the entire tale from something you heard me say to Ruth. Your explanation has been woven from supposition.
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weave something into something

1. to form fibers into a fabric. They could weave the threads into simple cloth with a primitive loom. We will weave this wool into a rug.
2. Fig. to turn separate episodes into a story. (Fig. on {2}.) Skillfully, the writer wove the elements into a clever story. Memories from her childhood were woven into a series of short stories.
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weave through something

to move through something by turning and dodging. The car wove through traffic, almost hitting a number of other cars. We wove through the jungle vines, trying to avoid touching the poisonous ones.
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weave in and out

Move by twisting and turning or winding in and out, as in The motorcycle wove in and out of traffic, leaving us far behind. This expression is a redundancy, since weave literally means "intertwine strands of thread."
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bob and weave

make rapid bodily movements up and down and from side to side.
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get weaving

set briskly to work; begin action. British informal
1992 George MacDonald Fraser Quartered Safe Out Here Come on, come on, come on!…Let's get weaving!
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weave your ˈmagic


weave a ˈspell (over somebody)

(especially British English) perform or behave in a way that attracts and interests somebody very much or makes them react in a particular way: Will Owen be able to weave his magic against Spain on Wednesday?
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underwater basket weaving

n. an imaginary, very easy high school or college course. If I can just find a course in underwater basket weaving, I’ll have an easy semester.
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When shampooing or conditioning curly weaves, do not assume, especially, if you don't have the professional qualifications of a hair expert.
One of the less frequently used weaves, not very durable.
Tia Woodley of Honey Bee Express Weave Salon said, "Our goal has always been to be unlike any hair weaving salon South Carolina has ever seen, and this website is an extension of that environment as well as customer service, where we can empower women to come in and embrace their beauty.
Gaurang who is a strong proponent of Indian Weaves invited Mira Sagar known for the weaves of Maheshwar, and Bappaditya known for his creativity for his weaves of Bengal combined together to showcase their collection of new heritage weaves for the summer.
Crimp tests were carried out for each yarn (warp weft and binder) to analyse the role and impact on strength of each of 3D weaves.
Beginners don't have to master the daunting task of setting up the frame with dozens of vertical or warp threads before starting to weave.
Make certain that your stylist is a professional, and have the stylist remove the weave.
Upon completing the seminar, stylists are encouraged to market their own business using Ellis' tools of the weave trade.
Process sensitivity to edge weave is a complex interaction among extruder pressure and output stability, temperature uniformity, material properties, equipment design, and operating conditions.
Keep several forks on the tables for students to use to keep their weaves tight and their threads even.
The Company also produces and/or finishes an increasingly diversified and innovative range of denim, chino, twill and printed fabrics, including lightweights, alternative weaves and specialty colors and finishes.
The new mobile automatic drawing in machine SAFIR S40, dedicated particularly to cotton weaves like denim and other standard fabrics, will be operating on the booth.
KTEX Family offers complete analyzation and optimization of composite weaves and the effects that the manufacturing process has on them, said Shan Nageswaran, Senior Director, HyperWorks at Altair.
ATLANTA-Safavieh will introduce this week a collection of programmed rugs hand-knotted in Pakistan using Persian weaves and indigenous vegetable dyes, commonly known to the trade as Paks.
Basaltex then weaves fabrics up to 2 meters wide and also offers rovings and chopped strands.