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wear rose-colored glasses

To assume an unduly optimistic and cheerful attitude (toward something); to focus solely or primarily on the positive aspects (of something). Primarily heard in US. Many of us wear rose-colored glasses when we think back to our childhoods. It's part of the reason nostalgia is such a powerful emotional draw. I find it a little irksome how you always wear rose-colored glasses, even in the worst of times!
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wear sackcloth and ashes

To act in a way that shows one's penitence or remorse for one's misdeeds or poor behavior. Darren has been wearing sackcloth and ashes ever since his girlfriend broke up with him for cheating on her. There's no way to turn back time on the way I treated my brother growing up. All I can do now is wear sackcloth and ashes.
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wear too many hats

business slang To hold too many responsibilities or assume too many roles at the same time. One of the pitfalls many entrepreneurs fall into when setting up a new company is to wear too many hats, which not only spreads themselves very thin, but ends up being counterproductive to the operation as a whole.
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be wearing your [teacher's/lawyer's etc.] hat

  also have your [teacher's/lawyer's etc.] hat on
to be acting as you do when you are working as a teacher, lawyer etc., which may be different from the way you act in other situations I was wearing my teacher's hat at the meeting.
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wearing (nothing but) a smile

tv. naked. This doll came on stage and within ten minutes she was wearing nothing but a smile.
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wearing a smile

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It was found that the wear in the abrasive mass, steel 65G tempered in oil (30-35 HRC) wearing less than the steel tempered in water (58-60 HRC) [9].
MARLENE DIETRICH (March 29, 1951): Dietrich received a standing ovation when she presented the award for foreign language film wearing this jaw-dropping black satin cocktail dress.
It does seem unlikely that motorists who have become accustomed to wearing seat belts during the last two decades will suddenly rebel when enforcement becomes stricter.
In a rant that conflates athletic intensity and religious fervor, the coach condemns the visiting team's dark uniforms by screaming, "The devil's wearing black jerseys
I have high arches, and I started wearing Gaynor Minden pointe shoes because all other brands were breaking too easily on my feet.
Early in their tour, several women shop with Wearing to find the black scarf and manteau that will be her outer garments for the duration, and for the chador, heavier and all encompassing, which she must wear to sacred sites or on holy days.
My client [a builder] was wearing Wrangler jeans and a short-sleeved shirt
An adult man in the village is not taken seriously unless he is wearing a jallabia.
Hearing aid wearers must be prepared to wear hearing aids, become active and informed consumers, understand the benefits of the aids, and learn to adjust to the experience of wearing these mechanical devices.
However, two States (California and Wisconsin) opted not to create separate substantive offenses, but rather, adopted enhancing statutes that impose an additional sentence when an individual is convicted of committing a crime while wearing body armor.
Today, it's not surprising to find a seven-year-old urban boy and a 70-year-old suburban woman both wearing the same outfit.
As for their famous advertising campaign "Individuals of Style"--the one featuring real people of varying degrees of realness wearing Gap clothing the way they alone wear it--I thought it was darn effective.
But two new studies now find that patients wearing disposable lenses have higher rates of this eye inflammation than people with other kinds of contacts.