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Director Bhupendra Maisuria is excited about the new range of interactive costumes saying: "Now the costume wearer has the ability not only to enter the fantasy world of fancy dress, but also to really bring that fantasy to life with a series of costumes that encourage engagement and participation.
OK, so bow tie wearers Pee-wee Herman, maybe, Jerry Lewis, likely, and Dagwood Bumstead, obviously, are a little on the strange side, but what about Harry Truman, Winston Churchill and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey?
Among the subjects who were 40 to 49 years of age, the Candida detection rate was higher in denture wearers (66.
The new pack also saves the wearer effort:Carrying a 27-kg suspended load required no more metabolic power than carrying a 21.
A pink shirt by the designer called Pink from one of the stores called Pink used to be called random by those who thought it made the wearer look really gay.
White shows the wearer is in a relationship, black indicates recently separated, while yellow reveals lost virginity.
A white band showed that the wearer was 'attached' while yellow showed lost virginity.
These trials will primarily test safety and wearer comfort.
A NEW type of clothing which adapts to changing temperatures to keep the wearer comfortable is being developed.
The self-adjusting vest will position the protective plates about 2 inches from the torso, DeGay said, to reduce chest injuries or bruising in the event that the wearer takes a hit.
THIS Morning host Fern Britton flashed more than her usual smile when she picked up an award for spectacle wearer of the year.
The system can also be equipped with a "sudden fall sensor" designed to let caregivers or family members know whether the wearer is upright, in the process of standing, or has fallen.
STAINES superstar Ali G has been named hot favourite to win the Spectacles Wearer of the Year award.
If the wearer is attacked, the bra sends a signal to a GPS satellite, which determines the location of the assault and dispatches a text message to the number of the wearer s choosing--possibly a private security firm or a bodyguard.
Roman Kunikov, one of the professors who designed the boots at the Ufa Aviation Technical University, a Russian engineering institute, says, "A person can move with significant jumps or strides," since the footwear can move the wearer as much as 13 feet per stride.