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wean someone (away) from something

to force someone or an animal to break a habit. (Fig. on the notion of ending the dependence of a young creature on milk alone.) It was almost impossible to wean her from her high spending habits. We couldn't wean away the dog from its mother.
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wean from

or wean off
1. To accustom some young mammal to nourishment other than something, as the mother's milk, obtained by suckling: The mother weaned the child from breast milk. The child was weaned from the breast.
2. To detach someone from something to which one is strongly habituated or devoted: I finally weaned myself from cigarettes. They were weaned from their drug habits at the rehabilitation center.
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wean on

1. To accustom some infant mammal to take nourishment other than by suckling: The mother weaned the child on formula.
2. Slang To accustom someone to something from an early age. Used chiefly in the passive: Moviegoers who were weaned on the TV series will find the film to their liking.
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But, several reports showed that fermented soybean meal increased growth performance and improved F/G ratio in weaned pigs (Feng et al.
Anderson [21] found similar results where the ruminal pH was lower in the EW calves than in the conventionally weaned calves.
Foals weaned in this gradual manner are less likely to panic and blast through fences, or blindly run into objects.
Regulation of N-acetyl cysteine on gut redox status and major microbiota in weaned piglets," Journal of Animal Science, vol.
Behavioural, endocrine and immune consequences of mixing in weaned piglets.
Saran et al (1981) (7) and Agarwal et al (1981) (8), similarly found a higher incidence of diarrhoea in children who were weaned much earlier than normal i.
Additional findings showed that early-weaned steers reached maturity sooner than traditionally weaned steers when weight gain, feedlot performance, and carcass traits were measured.
Just as tree rings record the environment in which a tree grew, traces of barium in the layers of a primate tooth can tell the story of when an infant was exclusively milk-fed, when supplemental food started, and at what age it was weaned, said Katie Hinde, professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University and an affiliate scientist at the UC Davis Primate Center.
Washington, May 25 ( ANI ): Researchers from the US and Australia have claimed that they can now use fossil teeth to calculate when a Neanderthal baby was weaned.
However, the number of pigs born and weaned in the UK has only increased by an average of half a pig per sow each year since 2006.
CHILDREN who are breastfed and weaned on to solids have a lower risk of obesity, research has revealed.
A small (n=10) prospective cohort study of ventilator-dependent patients found that those who could be weaned had significantly higher MIPs (mean 40 cm[H.
The sample included 92 children who had been weaned on finger foods and 63 who were traditionally spoon-fed.
It is generally observed that estrus is present 4 to 7 days after piglets are weaned, event followed by artificial insemination or direct mating, it is also reported that the interval between weaning and estrus would be increased to 10 days.