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moment of weakness

A moment when one fails to have the discipline to act according to one's principles or better judgment and instead does something regrettable. I admit that, in a moment of weakness, I accepted a bribe to allow development to proceed without proper safety measures in place. I'm so sorry I cheated on you. It was a moment of weakness, and I'm ashamed of what I did.
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have a weakness for (someone or something)

To have a special affinity for someone or something; to find someone or something irresistible. I have a weakness for candy bars, so Halloween is my favorite holiday. Jon has a weakness for redheads, so of course he's dating another ginger. Stu has a weakness for Patty, so I'm sure he'll clear his schedule once he hears she's in town.
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have a weakness for someone or something

Fig. to be unable to resist someone or something; to be (figuratively) powerless against someone or something. I have a weakness for chocolate. John has a weakness for Mary. I think he's in love.
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have a weakness for

Be susceptible to; also, like or enjoy. For example, She has a weakness for older men, or Bill has a weakness for fine wine. [c. 1700]
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acute bulbar palsy (ABP) with no limb weakness, differentiating it from the Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS) and PCB2.
He said, "If you want to prevent an enemy from attacking, you should avoid displaying weakness and show the many points of strength that we have.
It is best to refer to a weakness that you know can indeed be workable within the corporate environment, and then frame it in a positive manner.
Subramanyam, "Internal Control Weakness and Cost of Equity: Evidence from SOX 404 Disclosures," Accounting Review, vol.
A survey of 1,300 people in Leicestershire showed that while most were aware of the three main stroke symptoms used in the FAST campaign, just 57% considered leg weakness to be a symptom and 44% loss of vision.
When a company reports internal control weakness under SOX 404, management's responses to the internal control weaknesses provide insight into how the company intends to change and improve internal controls.
Using Benoit's typology, one can gain insight into how a company reports internal control weaknesses under SOX 404 and assess management's responses to these weaknesses, which provides information on how the company intends to change and improve internal controls and whether it accepts responsibility for the weakness.
As a theology of the event, the weakness of God is a prolonged meditation on the event harbored in the name of "God.
As companies search for a substitute for this important role, many are realizing they can avoid a material weakness in their internal control over financial reporting by completing the account reconciliations before the SEC filing.
Assets so classified must have a well-defined weakness or weaknesses that jeopardize the liquidation of the debt.
Her examination was notable for dysarthria, tremors, and global weakness with rightsided predominance.
Maintaining a position of strength and expectation, rather than weakness and desperation, is crucial to the process and extends beyond merely passing on inappropriate candidates.
As beloved children of God Jesus invites us to be loved by God in this way, to expose ourselves to the one who was himself exposed so that our feelings of weakness will no longer have power over us.
A weakness is a limitation, fault, defect, or deficiency in resources, skills, and capabilities that seriously impedes the profession.
CIDP is associated with a variety of concomitant medical illnesses, which often manifest weeks before the onset of muscle weakness and paresis.