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waver between (someone and someone else)

to vacillate between choosing one person or another. I had to appoint the new manager, and I was wavering between Jane and Janet. We wavered between Bill and Bob for the position.
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waver between (something and something else)

to vacillate between choosing one thing and another; to linger indecisively between doing one thing or another. The captain was wavering between St. Thomas and St. Croix. We wavered between chocolate and vanilla.
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wand waver

and wagger
an exhibitionist. The cops picked up a wand waver on Main Street.
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References in classic literature ?
The woman pleases me," said the thin, wavering voice again after a few moments of silence.
Presently the thin wavering voice broke the stillness, repeating in a singsong drone the words which for countless ages had sealed the doom of numberless victims.
But no one stopped it, and he was glad, punching on wearily and endlessly with his one arm, battering away at a bloody something before him that was not a face but a horror, an oscillating, hideous, gibbering, nameless thing that persisted before his wavering vision and would not go away.
But the bitterness of her old grievance promptly stiffened up her wavering determination.
At thy tree, O Zarathustra, the gloomy and ill-constituted also refresh themselves; at thy look even the wavering become steady and heal their hearts.
Yet do not suppose, because I complain a little or because I can conceive a consolation for my toils which I may never know, that I am wavering in my resolutions.
This lord was sincere in his violence and in his wavering.
As the prosecution prepare to get their teeth into a wavering Sam, which way will he go - save Charity's skin or see justice done?
Refuse To Bend is producing results greater than his fee LIGHTNING struck twice for Refuse To Bend over the weekend when Wavering became the second Prix Saint-Alary winner by the Whitsbury Manor Stud stallion in as many years.
It is about hard times, tough questions, wavering of faith, and finally reaffirmation.
James Franco plays the main flier, Blaine Rawlings, a Texas cowboy of wavering accent, who ends up racking up his fair share of kills.
Even a wavering flame can light the darkness, inviting others home.
Hundreds of props, scripts, paintings and photographs belonging to the late Up Pompeii star are being displayed at Wavering Down, his former cottage, near Cross, in Somerset.
Zarifi said, are reportedly encouraged by signals that the United States and its allies are undergoing "a wavering commitment on the ground.
She's recorded hours of nighttime serenades of intensified, wavering frequencies (listen at www.