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Director, The Austrian Film Museum (in preferential order) Videodrome Wavelength Family Viewing Crash Pour la suite du monde La Region centrale The Sweet Hereafter Atlantic City Dying at Grace Mon oncle Antoine
However, metals usually absorb rather than reflect the shorter wavelengths of infrared and visible light that are required for photonic circuits.
An alternative approach would be to design fluorophore whose molecular absorptivity did not depend on wavelength or solvent, e.
BaThed in light ranging from 200 to 1,200 nm in wavelength, the perforated metal films selectively transmitted light with wavelengths up to five times the aperture diameter.
Worldwide Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Equipment Market Forecasts
In the area of wavelength calibration, NIST has developed Standard Reference Material (SRM) transfer standards based on rotational-vibrational transitions in acetylene and hydrogen cyanide molecules.
This irregularity, essentially a defect in the crystal, captures one wavelength of light that would otherwise get blocked.
The FLASHWAVE 7420 wavelength access platform is fully incorporated into the Fujitsu WDM portfolio through a successful four-year OEM relationship with ADVA Optical Networking Inc.
Wavelength calibration references are needed in the 1500 nm region to support wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) optical fiber communication systems.
The shorter the wavelength, the finer the line that can be sharply drawn.
This new breakthrough enables uplink and downlink signals to use the same wavelength on one optical fiber and to be transmitted over ultra long distance.
The center wavelength measurement had a range of about 27 pm in the sensors group and is not adequate to support long-term structural monitoring applications.
In contrast, ISO's suite of instruments-a sensitive camera, two spectrometers to analyze the components of infrared light, and a photometer to measure brightness-cover a wavelength range spanning the middle and far infrared, from 3 to 240 micrometers.
Similarly, the "Drop & Add" ability allows a wavelength to be added ("Add") from a local fiber interface and allows the other wavelengths to continue ("Pass") to other nodes.
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