kiss goodbye to

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kiss/say/wave goodbye to something

if you say goodbye to something, you accept that you will not have it any more or that you will not get it You can say goodbye to your £10. Tom never repays his debts.
See also: goodbye, kiss
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But they won't willingly wave goodbye to their Celtic neighbours, as Professor Scully seems to fear, once they take account of the taxes we pay towards to the upkeep of their monarchy, towards helping them keep nuclear weapons and send armies to places like Iraq and Afghanistan, towards maintaining troops in Germany, towards the huge cost of events like the London Olympics and their pretence at still being a world power.
On a day when emotions look sure to run high, Utd's Paul Scholes Everton will also wave goodbye to manager David Moyes, and he'll be keen to leave on a winning note at Chelsea, though they will need to overcome their 9/2 underdog status with Corbett Sports.
WAVE goodbye to the sick note and, from next week, say hello to the fit note.
Without it we might as well wave goodbye to the Britain we love.
Yvonne Bray, of Appledore, north Devon, said she was too ill to wave goodbye to daughters Gemma, 15 and Katie, 13 who were told by the American authorities they could not stay with their mother at the Queens Medical Centre hospital in Harlem as they were minors.
Chairman Andrew Murray said: "We are here to wave goodbye to the most dangerous and warmongering prime minister in modern British history and to demand that he takes his policies with him.
Rachel, who marries childhood sweetheart Damian Walsh next month, is jetting off to Magaluf with no less than 47 pals to wave goodbye to the single life.
Litter-busters will wave goodbye to rubbish when they blitz a beach this weekend.
It would hurt, as deeply as it hurt a little girl to wave goodbye to her mother, knowing it would be 10 days before she could see her again.
I AM so pleased we are to wave goodbye to the Church Street market stalls at last -- the primary reason I, and others, feel forced to shop in Manchester.
St Johnstone boss John Connolly has tabled an offer for the 34-year-old however the terms on offer at McDiarmid Park are not enough for Fenwick to wave goodbye to the final year of his contract in Leith.
But potential expats said they would happily wave goodbye to the weather, reality TV programmes, MPs and traffic congestion.
GET out your hankies and wave goodbye to the hilarious BBC series staring two of the best female comedy actresses in Britain.
The researchers didn't just wave goodbye to cameras worth tens of thousands of dollars.
And, as usual, there's been the fair share of eyebrow-raisers: Adidas forcing skiers to wear another country's team colours, pants which claim to wave goodbye to "builders' bum", a shopper suing for injury from a JC Penney dummy and Nike lauding the seizure of US$16m worth of fake Nikes only to be sued for stealing a council logo just days later.