wave back

wave someone back (from something)

to motion someone to move back from something. The police officer waved the curious onlookers back from the scene of the crime. The students started to go onstage, but the teacher waved them back.
See also: back, wave

wave back (at someone)

to return someone's hand signal of greeting. I waved back at her, but she didn't see me. She didn't wave back.
See also: back, wave
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I wave at countless cars, around 30 per cent wave back at me, no matter who they are.
The captain was on the tannoy shouting loudly: "There is Bob Monkhouse - wave back.
Her famous blond hair, always swept tightly to her head, was an iconic image of the 1980s but no matter how many times the stylists waved her hair, the public were never going to wave back.
Mary's Hospital in London with the newborn royal baby, the child is seen giving what looks like a brief wave back to the huge crowd waiting outside.
none of them would wave back despite their enthusiastic welcome
Everything you need to ride the wave back to the top.
If those people dont wave back, the man may think they didnt remember him - or alternatively, he may think theyre snubbing him.
So the next time you are stuck behind a bin lorry between 7-30am and 9-30am and you are late for work or you are on the school run don't shout foul abuse at us, smile and wave to us and we will be more than happy to smile and wave back to you.
I waved but when he didn't wave back, it aroused my suspicions straight away because obviously this guy didn't want me to see him.
I went to wave back but my hand flopped out the window.
If I forget to wave back (in an effort not to back into the wall), there are tears and sometimes I remember half way out and have to pull back in and repeat the farewell ritual all over again, to satisfy small hearts.
President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali walked through November 7 Avenue to wave back to the greetings of citizens who flocked enthusiastically in order to express delight at meeting him.
I've advocated long positions in the EURGBP for weeks but today's reversal just shy an important 100% extension leaves the pair vulnerable to weakness in a 4th wave back to .
Quite a few respond with a big grin and a hearty wave back.
Mind you, someone did wave back once and got absolutely slaughtered.