wave away

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wave someone or something away (from someone or something)

to make a signal with the hand for someone or something to move away from someone or something. The officer waved us away from the intersection where we were about to turn left. The guard waved away the traffic from the intersection.
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One useful tactic which I apply is just very deliberately to wave away the cloud when blown over one.
Full of scandalous gossip and revealing pictures of young ladies, the well-to-do members of the Welsh establishment who frequent the Eisteddfod wave away the magazine.
The Federation forces finally manage to turn the existing wave away from Earth and to destroy the source that created it before any more waves can be set loose.
GILLINGHAM ended a four-match losing run with their third home win of the season, but Rotherham were furious about Surrey referee David Crick's decision to wave away appeals for a stoppage-time penalty.
Then in the 30th minute Macc defender Ray Ingram seemed to handle in the box only for the referee again to wave away appeals.
At other times a customer will hand over a dollar for a 98-cent item and wave away the change, he said.
The time it would take to review a play would probably be shorter than the time it currently takes the referee to wave away complaining players and get the spot kick taken.
Martin Butler looked odds on to extend the lead, but was felled by Phil Gulliver inside the box only for the referee to wave away Walsall's penalty appeal.
Trinity had the better of the first half and Billy Stewart, in the Marine goal, was relieved to see a rasping shot from Lee Ellington come back off a post after 20 minutes and the referee wave away strong appeals for a penalty for tripping minutes later.
Barker headed goalwards from a free-kick and the ball rebounded off the far post appeared to have crossed the line, only for referee Keith Hill and his assistant to wave away the Millers' appeals.