wave at

wave at someone

 and wave to someone
to move an upraised hand in such a way as to signal recognition to someone. The people in the boat waved at us. They waved to us after we waved at them.
See also: wave
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Basic geometry puts the wave at more than 34 m tall, the highest ever observed.
Here are the basics: When more than one surfer attempts to catch a wave at the same time, the one closest to the point where the wave first breaks will catch it first and have right of way.
Customers may make appointments to meet with Wave at the booth by contacting Bruno Leconte at bleconte@wavesys-emea.
You may read and copy any reports, statements or other information filed by Quovadx or Rogue Wave at the SEC public reference room at 450 Fifth Street, N.
Microsoft developers can purchase a Silicon Wave Golden USB adapter to use in their testing directly from Silicon Wave at http://www.